The socialist government continues to force these patients to request euthanasia

Sánchez rejects giving 38 million to ALS patients while wasting 92 million on advertising

Political propaganda seems more important for Pedro Sánchez's government than helping ALS patients to have a decent life.

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The government rejects a Vox initiative to help ALS patients because it is very expensive ...

Vox has announced a response from the government rejecting a bill presented by the parliamentary group of Voxto demand attention and help for patients with Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS). According to the government, "taking into account that the number of potential beneficiaries with dependency benefits who are declaring personal income tax with a positive quota would be 66,641, it would represent an estimated cost of 38 million euros, which would have to be added the cost of including pensioners who are recognized as having the same right."

... the same day that it announces an expensive cabinet with 22 ministries

The government adds: "it is considered that the approval of the Proposal of law is likely to produce a decrease in budgetary income in the General State Budgets, so the Government does not provide the conformity for its processing under the provisions of article 134.6 of the Constitution".The letter is signed by the socialist Rafael Simancas, secretary of State for relations with the Cortes, and carries date of November 20, the same day that Sánchez announced a new government with 22 ministries, repeating the expensive cabinet of the last legislature, one of the most expensive in democracy in Spain.

The letter from the Pedro Sánchez government rejecting the bill presented by Vox to help ALS patients (Photo: Vox).

"The Government of Pedro Sánchez rejects as "expensive" the Proposal for Law on care for ALS patients presented by VOX in Congress on the same day that it confirms the maintenance of the 22 ministries", Vox has denounced through its official Twitter account, and added: "There is no money for those who really need it. It is the Government against the people." The Vox deputy Rocío de Meer has denounced: "Have no doubt that those 38 million will be spent somewhere study on toxic masculinity or fatphobia."

It refuses to dedicate 38 million to ALS patients but dedicates 92 million to propaganda

While refusing to dedicate 38 million euros to help ALS patients, Pedro Sánchez's government has already squandered 92.7 million euros on institutional advertising this year, an amount that represents the highest spending on propaganda since 2009, when the socialist José Luis Rodríguez Zapatero governed. This institutional advertising is systematically used by the government to buy the favor of many media outlets. In short, there is no money for ALS patients but there is money for propaganda.

Recently the government forgave a debt of 15 billion to Catalonia

This government veto of the ALS Law proposed by Vox comes 18 days after the announcement of the forgiveness of 15,000 million euros of Catalonia's debt to the Autonomous Liquidity Fund (FLA), in order to buy the support of the separatists for Sánchez's re-election with the money of all taxpayers. Now all Spaniards will have to pay for it, including ALS patients to whom the government denies help. An immoral way of managing public resources, prioritizing Sánchez's personal interest over the well-being of Spaniards.

The PSOE and Podemos blocked the ALS Law 49 times in the last legislature

In the last legislature, the Socialist Party (PSOE) and its communist partners from Podemos blocked 49 times the processing of the ALS Law that had been unanimously approved by Congress. When Sánchez called early elections, the law fell, so it had to be processed again. This infamous blockade of a law that was intended to help ALS patients took place after approving a euthanasia law that pushes these patients to consider themselves a burden on their families, forcing them to request euthanasia by denying them all help so that they can have a dignified life.

A way to force the patients to request euthanasia

In 2021, Jordi Sabaté, an ALS patient, denounced that Sánchez only offers them euthanasia. A year earlier, Sabaté reported that "4,000 Spaniards ALS patients are dying, and every year 1,000 more patients die. They have abandoned usand I would like to know the reason." Until now, Sánchez has not deigned to respond to Sabaté.


Photo: PSOE.

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