The leadership of the PP avoids coordinating with Vox against the coup

In the midst of a socialist coup, the PP of Galicia demands State agreements between PP and PSOE

It is increasingly difficult to understand what the Popular Party's strategy is, if there is any, against the socialist coup to the rule of law.

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The PP avoids coordinating with Vox against the socialist coup

This Wednesday, Santiago Abascal, president of Vox, pointed out that "we have proposed meetings to the Popular Party to be able to respond in a coordinated manner, but it is true that until now we have found the Popular Party little inclined to collaborate or agree on the response to the coup, especially the entire national Popular Party."

Today, Vozpópuli points out that the PP does not even pick up the phone to Vox and blocks a joint strategy to confront the amnesty agreed between the socialists and the fugitive Puigdemont, an amnesty that attacks the separation of powers and the right to equality before the law.

The PP of Galicia requests State agreements between PP and PSOE

While he continues to avoid coordinating with Vox, this Wednesday the Popular Party approved in the Parliament of Galicia a non-law proposal in which it rejects "any type of amnesty or general pardon for any group of citizens, whatever their crime may be."

The most striking thing about this text, presented in September, is the third point, in which the PP of Galicia encourages "the two majority parties to seek State agreements that prevent society from Spanish is subject to the illegal conditions of pro-independence parties."

The two majority parties are the Popular Party and the Socialist Party (PSOE), so from the approval of this non-law proposal it is deduced that the PP of Galicia uses the Parliament of Galicia to ask that the national president of the PP, Alberto Núñez Feijóo, make an agreement with Pedro Sánchez, while the socialist leader is leading the most serious attack on the rule of law that has been experienced in our democracy.

Will the PP do with the amnesty the same thing it did with abortion?

It is incomprehensible that the PP avoids coordinating with Vox, but in the midst of a socialist coup to judicial independence and equality before the law, in the face of a government that has given in to the blackmail of the separatists, that the PP asking for State agreements with the PSOE is complete nonsense, which would convey to the voters of that party the idea that basically what Sánchez has done is not something so serious as to prevent the PP from continuing to agree. with the socialists. In view of this position, it is worth wondering if the PP will do with the amnesty the same thing it did with the legalization of abortion, that is, first oppose it and appeal to the Constitutional Court and then, when a TC controlled by the PSOE considered it good, end up assuming that aberrant law.


Photo: Xunta de Galicia. The president of the Galician government, Alfonso Rueda, together with the president of the Popular Party, Alberto Núñez Feijóo.

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