It displays its sympathies in the streets for the murderers of hundreds of Jews

Yesterday Poland, today Israel: the antisemitic extreme left reissues its alliance with the nazis

This Saturday, feminist organizations called for demonstrations in several countries on the occasion of a day established by the UN in 1999.

'From the river to the sea': the meaning of that antisemitic slogan of the Palestinian terrorism
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They don't care about the murder and rape of women and girls in Israel

That day, celebrated every November 25, is the International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women. In many of these marches Palestinian flags were seen and slogans were chanted against Israel. It is necessary to remember, in case anyone has already forgotten, that these manifestations of hatred against Israel have been uttered 48 days after Israel suffered the largest massacre against the Jewish people since the Holocaust, a massacre committed by Palestinian terrorists and that has not been condemned by the Palestinian National Authority (PNA).

With the display of these flags, the message that far-left feminism conveys to the world is that they do not care about the murder and rape of hundreds of women and girls in Israel at the hands of Hamas, a terrorist organization. that in its founding charter it calls for the extermination of the Jews, that is, commit crimes of genocide inspired by antisemitism. The same hatred and the same criminal intentions of Adolf Hitler's dictatorship.

The alliance between the extreme left and the nazis is repeated

This far-left feminism not only looks the other way in the face of these murders and rapes committed with an anti-Semitic motive, but also seeks to criminalize the country that has been a victim of this terrorist massacre, turning the victim into an aggressor and the aggressor as a victim. This is not the first time that the extreme left has committed such obscene manipulation in relation to a war caused by anti-Semitic criminals: let us remember that the Communist Party of Spain justified the invasion of Poland 1939, an invasion carried out by Nazi Germany and Stalin's Soviet Russia. Then, as they do now with Israel, the communists presented those attacked as guilty and the aggression as justified, completely omitting all the horrendous crimes committed by the invaders.

Historically, communists and the extreme left in general have shamelessly exhibited their affinity for all kinds of criminals, from perpetrators of crimes of genocide to terrorist gangs, including torturers, oppressors and tyrants who have dedicated themselves to spread terror in entire countries. All these criminals had in common the same hatred for the West that Palestinian terrorism exhibits, a terrorism sponsored by the PNA, which dedicates a large part of its funds to financing these terrorists. The same PNA whose flag those feminists waved yesterday in several countries.

They deserve, rightly, to be classified as feminazis

Far-left feminism complains that many of us label its activists as "feminazis" for their fanaticism and hatred against men, a fanaticism and hatred that is not only directed against a race, but against half humanity because of their sex. Yesterday they offered one more reason to deserve that qualification: their antisemitism. An antisemitism that leads them not to condemn and even to openly justify the most horrendous crimes against unarmed civilians, including children and babies, for the mere fact of being Jews.

Today, and as Bejamin Netanyahu pointed out this week, Palestinian terrorism is the new nazis and the extreme left is their ally, as it was in 1939 against Poland. And given that this cloth serves to protect all kinds of crimes, the Palestinian flag deserves to be described as the new swastika, the flag that inflames today's antisemitic fanatics, which are used as a symbol by those who they continue to seek the extermination of the Jewish people.


Main photo: @Reporte_Indigo.

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