The PSOE's abuse of power has also had a response in the courts

A crowd responds in the street to the socialist attack on religious freedom in Spain

The socialist coup to the rule of law in Spain is now directed against religious freedom, after what happened yesterday in Madrid.

The Sánchez gov't prohibits a group of Catholics from exercising their right to pray in the street
A mafia pulls Pedro Sánchez's strings and makes an exhibition of domination with him

An abuse of power and an attack on religious freedom

This Monday, following orders from the government delegate in Madrid, the socialist Francisco Martín Aguirre, the Police threatened to fine a group of Catholics for praying on the stairs of a church on Ferraz street, near the national headquarters of the Socialist Party (PSOE). An abuse of power against a peaceful group of citizens who have been praying for Spain for days without bothering anyone, and all this after Sánchez's announcement of an amnesty for violent separatist criminals, even prosecuted for terrorism.

A crowd responds in the street to this new socialist attack on the rule of law

As expected, the abuse committed yesterday by the government has had the opposite effect to what the socialists were looking for. Yesterday, after 25 consecutive days of protests in front of the PSOE headquarters, there were few people. Today a crowd has gathered there, including many people who have gone to pray, defying the undemocratic ban issued by the government delegate. Once again, the National Police has been deployed to prevent people from approaching the PSOE headquarters.

In front of the Parish of the Immaculate Heart of Mary, where the attack on religious freedom ordered by the government took place yesterday, many Catholics have gathered to pray and sing religious songs, transmitting a clear message to the government and to all those who do not want to know: praying is not a crime.

The Police have searched for the organizer of this prayer act to identify and punish him, which has caused moments of tension during this peaceful concentration, since the protesters believed that the Police were going to arrest the organizer of the act of prayer.

Abuse of power also has a response in the courts

As reported, the Spanish Foundation of Christian Lawyers has denounced the government delegate, pointing out that Francisco Martín "could be committing a crime of abuse of authority and prevarication". Likewise, Christian Lawyers has not ruled out taking legal action against the Police and has announced that they will represent anyone who is detained or sanctioned for the simple act of praying, and will be responsible for paying the sanctions.

Poland Castellanos, president of Christian Lawyers, has denounced: "This government takes peaceful people to prison for the simple act of praying while eliminating sentences of all kinds from criminals that it has turned into its partners ". Along the same lines, association has launched a collection of signatures addressed to the Prosecutor's Office in which it asks to investigate "the alleged prevarication of the Government Delegate in Madrid which represents a very serious attack on the religious freedom". This association remembers that according to Article 16 of the Constitution, "we all have the right to ideological and religious freedom and to manifest it publicly as we see fit."


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