A false accusation against Israel to cover up the real genocidals

War and numbers, or how to accuse Israel of 'genocide' and end up whitewashing Hitler

The Hamas terrorist attack against Israel on October 7 has sparked a war in which many civilians are dying.

Hundreds of jurists from 22 nations accuse Hamas of crimes of genocide against Israel
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The infamous and false accusation of 'genocide' against Israel

Some people, especially on the left and far left, have been accusing Israel of "genocide" for weeks for its counteroffensive against Hamas. To support this blatantly false accusation, these people rely on the claim that Israeli military operations are causing more deaths than the Hamas attack, all of this, of course, always according to data provided by the terrorist group, data that do not have any kind of contrast and that some accept uncritically, as if Hamas were capable of murdering, raping, torturing and kidnapping civilians - children and babies included -, but were not capable of lying .

They are siding with the aggressor and against the attacked.

Note the extent of the bias of some against Israel: they base their moral rating of this war on the information published by the aggressor, at the same time they deny all credibility and understanding to the attacked country. Let us remember, in case anyone has forgotten, that the aggressor is a terrorist group that has been openly recognizing for decades that its purpose is to exterminate all the Jews in Israel.

Hamas is a terrorist group that has been ruling Gaza as a dictatorship for 17 years, without free elections and violating the human rights of the inhabitants of Gaza, whom it uses as human shields while constantly attacking its neighbors, with indiscriminate attacks like the one on October 7.

On the contrary, the attacked one is a democratic country in which there are free elections, a free press and the conditions typical of a liberal democracy, a country whose priority is to defend its inhabitants from attacks Hamas terrorists. A right to defend themselves that is denied by many who have openly sided with Hamas.

Hamas is the one that should be accused of a crime of genocide

It must be said that even if it were true that this war is causing more civilian casualties in Gaza than in Israel, the responsibility for the outbreak of these wars lies with Hamas, and therefore it is also responsible for all the civilian victims, both those it caused with its attack on Israel and those that are taking place in Gaza, when Hamas uses the civilians of that strip as human shields and prevents them from using the humanitarian corridors opened by Israel.

Accusing Israel of committing "genocide" over civilian casualties in Gaza is as vile as accusing the Allies of "genocide" over civilian casualties in Germany in World War II. What's more: Israel has demonstrated that its intention is to liquidate Hamas and not the civilian population of Gaza, offering every possible opportunity for them to come to terms with international humanitarian law. It is Hamas that tries to indiscriminately kill Israeli civilians with the declared purpose of exterminating them. Thus, and according to the Rome Statute of the International Criminal Court - which Israel's detractors have probably not read - the one that deserves to be accused of genocide is Hamas: a genocide against the people of Israel.

The precedent of civilian casualties of World War II

Regarding the figures, if we take as reference those published by W. van Mourik in Bilanz des Krieges (Ed. Lekturama, Rotterdam, 1978), Germany suffered 3.64 million civilian casualties in World War II; while the United Kingdom suffered 60,000, France 98,000 and Belgium 50,000, to give just a few examples.

Thus, accusing Israel of committing "genocide" on the claim that Gaza is suffering more civilian casualties is equivalent to accusing the Western Allies of committing "genocide" against Germany in World War II, due to the fact that the aggressor country had many more civilian casualties than them, as if the fact that Germany was the aggressor country and the one that caused the war did not matter.

Similarly, the United States had about 12,100 civilian casualties, while Japan suffered between 500,000 and 800,000, depending on the source. If we limited ourselves to judging the Pacific War on these figures, some would accuse the US of "genocide" and not Japan.

Intentionality is the key for a genocide to exist

Article 6 of the Rome Statute is very clear: for there to be a genocide there must be the "intent to destroy, in whole or in part, a national, ethnical, racial or religious group", regardless of the result. Civilian casualties in a war are not genocide, unless they are the result of an intentional extermination plan.

If Israel wanted to exterminate the Palestinians of Gaza, it would not be offering them humanitarian corridors that Hamas sabotages, nor would it notify the residents of the attacked areas to evacuate them before launching their attacks, nor would it have facilitated entry of humanitarian aid to Gaza and medical assistance to Gazan civilians.

A false accusation against Israel to cover up the real genocidals

Thus, Israel's enemies are not only spreading a false accusation when they point to the Jewish State as guilty of a genocide, but in doing so they are also trying to cover up the terrorist group that has expressed genocidal pretensions, which is Hamas, pretensions that have been reflected in its indiscriminate attacks against the civilian population of Israel and in its repeated statements in favor of exterminating the Jews. Casting this slander against Israel and not accusing Hamas of genocide, as much of the left and extreme left in the West is doing, is as infamous as accusing the Allies of genocide and not to nazi Germany.

In fact, if the antisemitism of a large part of the Western left has reached the immoral extreme of whitewashing a terrorist group like Hamas, covering up the brutal massacre it perpetrated on October 7 and trying to present Hamas as guilty attacked country, it is worth asking how long it will take for that same antisemitic left - because it does this out of anti-Semitism, no matter how much it tries to hide it - to whitewash Hitler in the same way, who was a dictator like Hamas, a terrorist like Hamas and an antisemite like Hamas.


Foto: History.com.

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