We are suffering a coup on legality and also on reason and truth

The things that could be legalized in Spain with the socialist arguments for idiots

The socialist coup against the rule of law in Spain is being carried out through an indecent misrepresentation of the Spanish Constitution.

The images of the protests against the socialist coup in Spain on Constitution Day
TREASON: Pedro Sánchez hands over Spain and the rule of law to the fugitive Puigdemont

First the amnesty and now a separatist referendum

First, the Socialist Party (PSOE) defended the amnesty, after having rejected it as unconstitutional. In this 180-degree turn resulting from its pacts with the separatists, the socialist argument has consisted of stating that the Constitution does not expressly prohibit amnesty, despite the fact that Article 62 expressly prohibits general pardons, which is the same as amnesty. The last step was taken yesterday by the socialist Armengol opening the door. to a referendum on the territorial question, that is, to submit the unity of Spain to consultation.

This was more than predictable. Let us remember that a month ago it was known that the pact between the PSOE and Puigdemont opens the door to a separatist referendum, something openly contrary to the Constitution, which "is based on the indissoluble unity of the Spanish Nation, common and indivisible homeland of all Spaniards" (Article 2) and that points out that "national sovereignty resides in the Spanish people" (Article 1). As they already did with the amnesty, now they will come saying that the Constitution does not expressly prohibit a separatist referendum, one more lie to satisfy their separatist partners.

Could slavery be legalized with that socialist argument?

The distortion that socialists are making with the Constitution could stretch to infinity. If tomorrow the PSOE wanted to legalize slavery, it could argue that that word does not appear in the Constitution and therefore is not expressly prohibited. They would not mind that Article 17 enshrines the right to freedom of every person and states: "No one can be deprived of his freedom, except with the observance of what is established in this article and in the cases and in the manner provided for in the law". It would be enough for them to repeat the fallacy they spread about the amnesty, a fallacy aimed at true idiots who swallow anything the PSOE says, no matter how absurd it may be.

The case of the death penalty

Following the long communist tradition of liquidating dissidents, and taking into account that we have supporters of that totalitarian ideology in the government, stretching the socialist argument could also legalize the death penalty for any crime. It is true that Article 15 states that the death penalty is abolished, but it would be enough to call it "capital punishment" or "executions", expressions that do not appear in the Magna Carta. I know, it sounds very ridiculous, but isn't it ridiculous to say that amnesty is not prohibited because that word does not appear in the text of our fundamental law?

Murder, robbery, rape, fraud ...

In the same way, the Constitution does not mention words such as murder, robbery, rape, fraud, corruption or prevarication, only to point out some crimes classified to protect the fundamental rights that the Constitution protects. The chances that the socialists will approve any barbarity are increasing, developing the cynical and absurd arguments they are using in their attack on the rule of law. What the Constitution undoubtedly could not foresee is a Spain in which words lose all their meaning, in which any concept is emptied of content for the sake of a moral relativism that is reaching grotesque extremes.

A blow to the rule of law and also to reason

In Spain we are not only facing a blow to the rule of law and national unity: we are also facing a blow to reason, common sense and truth, a blow that is being carried out by people that have been thriving for years thanks to lies, manipulation and unreason. Unscrupulous people whose sole purpose is to cling to power at any price, even at the enormous price of destroying the most basic elements that allow understanding and coexistence between human beings. Do we realize the threat that this poses to our society? George Orwell certainly fell short in his novel "1984."


Photo: PSOE.

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