Only Santiago Abascal and Vox take their opposition role seriously

The Popular Party movement that reveals its lack of firmness against the amnesty

The Popular Party (PP) has been crying out for weeks, rightly, against the amnesty agreed between the socialists and the separatists in Spain.

Vox's coherence in the face of the distribution of posts between the PP and the coup parties
In the midst of a socialist coup, the PP of Galicia demands State agreements between PP and PSOE

Some correct criticisms by Feijóo of the amnesty...

Yesterday, the national president of the PP, Alberto Núñez Feijóo, affirmed, that the amnesty law is "a great democratic fraud" and added: "The amnesty is political corruption, because it means obtaining the government of Spain in exchange for judicial impunity and deterioration of the institutions. He who admits corruption, commits corruption." Feijóo too He expressed his hope that the European Union will stop this amnesty, since it implies "revoking convictions and summaries of sedition, embezzlement and terrorism, something that is incompatible with the Union treaties."

... that are not consistent with certain decisions of the PP

In these statements, Feijóo is right, but the facts have to be consistent with the words, and for years we have seen in Spain that the PP has a clear tendency to say one thing and then do just that. otherwise. There are already signs that suggest that the PP will end up faltering with the amnesty, just as it faltered with issues such as abortion, gender ideology and other ideological dogmas of the left. One of those signs was the distribution of positions between the PP and the Socialist Party (PSOE) in Congress, in the midst of a socialist coup against the rule of law, a distribution from which Vox distanced itself, demonstrating a virtue, coherence, that the PP seems to ignore.

Feijóo agrees to go to La Moncloa to meet with Sánchez

Yesterday, the Popular Party made a new movement that demonstrates its lack of firmness against the amnesty. According to the PP website, Feijóo confirmed that he will go to the Moncloa Palace to meet with Pedro Sánchez, despite having found out about that meeting through the media, since it was announced by the socialist leader before communicating it to the PP. Yesterday afternoon, the PP communicated two conditions for the meeting: know what is going to be talked about and know what purpose that meeting has, and added: "This meeting cannot be another smokescreen in the face of the amnesty law that they intend approve to please their partners."

The PP tweet making that announcement linked a news item from the newspaper El Independiente with statements from PP sources about that meeting, which affirm that Feijóo will attend that meeting "for institutional and democratic reasons", a curious statement when the meeting is hosted by a guy who is trying to tear down our constitutional framework. But the most striking thing about everything announced yesterday by the PP is not what he said, but what he omitted.

The condition that the PP has not set to attend that meeting: stop the amnesty

The government already has communicated the topics it wants to talk about: regional financing, the reform of article 49 of the Constitution and the renewal of the General Council of the Judicial Branch (CGPJ). Feijóo's intention to go to that meeting, without demanding that Sánchez withdraw his amnesty law, is already a concession. The president of the PP agrees to meet with someone who has started the demolition of our State of Right, and it doesn't even demand that he stop that demolition.

Sánchez must feel satisfied to have in front of him a president of the PP who exhibits this weakness and who appears - like his predecessors - to have a complex towards the left, as if socialists and communists had to be always give them the benefit of the doubt, even if they are destroying our democracy with axes. Faced with Feijóo's flaccid attitude, Santiago Abascal and Vox exhibit the attitude that can be expected of a democrat in the face of the socialist coup: not a step back. An attitude that shows that the only party that takes seriously its role in opposition to the Sánchez government is Vox and not the PP.


Photo: Efe. Pedro Sánchez and Alberto Núñez Feijóo in the meeting they held on August 30, 2023.

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