The Popular Party insists on saying one thing and then doing exactly the opposite

Vox's coherence in the face of the distribution of posts between the PP and the coup parties

In the last few hours we have known the distribution of the Congressional commissions between the Popular Party (PP), the left and the separatists.

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Once again, the PP has made an agreement with the left and the extreme left (a pact that, in addition, will benefit separatist parties) as if we were not in the middle of a coup against the State of Right, in the midst of that attack that the PP had theoretically rejected in recent weeks, even concocting public events in the streets (the most recent of them was organized yesterday). As has happened other times, Vox has been left out of this indecent distribution of positions between the PP and the parties that support the socialist coup against the rule of law.

"Today we see that Génova does not believe what they repeat at their rallies, what they say in the streets. Today the Popular Party has reached a coordinated agreement with the Socialist Party, with Sumar, even with Esquerra and with Junts, to share the positions in the commissions of the Congress of Deputies", has denounced Jose María Figaredo, spokesperson for the Vox parliamentary group in Congress, who has indicated that Vox "has been asking the Popular Party for months for a coordinated response to the coup de State, there is no response to this request."

From Vox they have indicated their surprise to see how the PP "calls demonstrations on Sundays against Pedro Sánchez, the amnesty law and the pacts with the coup plotters and on Monday agrees with the coalition government on the distribution of the different positions at the tablesand allows, through abstention, for ERC to take over the presidency of the Children's commission." Regarding the position of the PP, Ignacio Garriga , general secretary of Vox, has noted: "They are more obsessed with distancing themselves from Vox than from the PSOE."

Today some media point out the break between the PP and Vox at the national level, a break that some have regretted. Frankly, I think that what cannot be expected is that Vox is waiting forever for the PP to prove itself up to the task. The PP is doing what it has always done: exhibiting its incoherence, saying one thing and then doing the opposite.

On November 23, I already warned here that the PP will end up doing with the amnesty the same thing as with the legalization of abortion: first they rejected it and then, after blessing it by a Constitutional Court controlled by the socialists , they ended up supporting her. The PP is a party without principles, just the opposite of Vox. The party led by Abascal is acting on this issue with the same coherence that it always demonstrates. A coherence that is worthy of gratitude and for which it deserves all the support of those of us who are against this blow to the rule of law and national unity.


Photo: Efe.

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