An unprecedented mobilization in defense of Spain and the Rule of Law

Street protests against socialist coup in Spain have been going on for a month now

On November 3 was the first protest on Ferraz Street, in Madrid, in front of the national headquarters of the Socialist Party (PSOE).

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A month has passed since then. A total of 31 days of consecutive protests in Ferraz, to which other cities in Spain have been added sporadically. All of this to denounce a pact between Pedro Sánchez and the fugitive Puigdemont that is an attack on the rule of law, and more specifically on judicial independence and the equality of Spaniards before the law, and a threat to national unity by opening the door to a separatist referendum.

You can see below today's protests in Madrid, where the Popular Party organized a public event in the Debod Temple, after which Vox called for a march to Ferraz Street. Photos: Partido Popular / @IdiazAyuso / Europa Press / Efe / @lannaviv21 / @Isabelperezmoi1 / @deadpoolcanalla.

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