He flew from La Coruña to Santiago de Compostela for a socialist event

Sánchez's waste: he uses the Falcon to move within the same province

The abuse of the executive transport planes of the Air Force has been one of the biggest vices of the socialist Pedro Sánchez.

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The president of the Spanish government has the habit of inventing official visits to a company as an excuse to use the Air Force's Dassault Falcon 900 planes to fly to public events of his party. Until now, the usual thing has been to use the plane to go to a company in a city and then go to a rally of the Socialist Party (PSOE) in its surroundings. But something new happened today.

The Minister of Defense visited those same shipyards two days before

This time, the event created ex profeso as an excuse to go to a PSOE rally was a visit to the Navantia shipyards in Ferrol. Sánchez went to that place precisely today instead of accompanying the Minister of Defense, Margarita Robles, who visited those shipyards two days ago officially and without taking the opportunity to go to a socialist rally.

The real objective of Sánchez's trip: a socialist rally in Santiago

Ferrol does not have an airport, so Sánchez flew from the Torrejón Air Base to the La Coruña Airport, according to the Falcon Despega website, which monitors all trips of government members on official planes. Sánchez arrived in La Coruña at 9:32 in the morning. However, the return trip included a stopover in Santiago de Compostela, the capital of Galicia (which also has an airport), where Sánchez participated this noon at a meeting of the Galician socialists, which was the real reason for this trip.

A flight of only 12 minutes within the same province

As noted by @ciclbh2 on Twitter, the flight lasted only 12 minutes. The unusual thing about this case is that La Coruña and Santiago are within the same province. Between Ferrol and Santiago there is a distance of 95 kilometers by highway. Thus, Sánchez would have taken less than an hour if he had traveled by car , but instead he has mobilized a plane within the same province.

Sánchez and his communist partners agreed to prohibit short flights

It just so happens thatin October, Sánchez and his communist partners from Sumar agreed to suppress short flights in Spain, in order to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. One wonders if his idea of short flights included 12-minute plane trips within the same province, an obvious wasteful waste of fuel and public money. But yes, a polluting waste that Sánchez does not seem to care about, since all Spaniards pay for it and it is done exclusively for their comfort.


Photo: PSOE. Pedro Sánchez at the event of the Galician socialists that he attended this afternoon from La Coruña using a Dassault Falcon 900 aircraft of the Spanish Air Force.

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