New infamy of Sánchez's allies against the family of Jesús Ulayar

Bildu intends to impoverish ETA victims by requiring them to erase pro-ETA graffiti

The pro-ETA allies of Pedro Sánchez's government continue to display their contempt for the victims of the terrorist group ETA.

The 27 murders of ETA in Pamplona: Bildu does not condemn them and Sánchez gives it the city
Sánchez breaks his word and meets with Bildu, which does not condemn the terrorism of ETA and Hamas

The graffiti on the house where ETA murdered Jesús Ulayar

Yesterday it was learned that Echarri-Aranaz City Council, governed by Bildu, has demanded that the Ulayar family erase the pro-ETA graffiti that is on the façade of their house, graffiti that ETA sympathizers have been doing for years in an attempt to intimidate to the family of Jesús Ulayar Liciaga, mayor of that town in Navarra, who was murdered by ETA on January 27, 1979 in that same place.

In Echarri-Aranaz, Bildu has ten councilors and Unión del Pueblo Navarro (UPN) has one. The Ulayar family has been suffering harassment from pro-ETA for decades. Their suffering did not end the day Jesus was shot dead. His family has been enduring constant pro-ETA graffiti on their house , as well as insults and threats from ETA sympathizers. Although the terrorist gang has stopped murdering, the pro-ETA mafia continues to act as it did years ago.

The Justice indicated that the city council must assume the costs of the erasure

UPN has recalled that a ruling from the Superior Court of Justice of Navarra of March 8, 2012 obliges the city council to pay for the removal of the graffiti. The only UPN councilor has denounced that "the City Council's actions, in practice, mean that those who bear the cost of the uncivil act are not the authors of the events, but the owners of the property, who must act at the expense of their assets."

From UPN they also denounce that the attitude of the city council "becomes especially illogical and unfair as in the case contained in the mayor's resolution in which an individual is required to clean the graffiti with the text 'ETA 'made on the facade of his house, where his father was murdered by said organization."

Bildu wants to impoverish the victims so that they leave the town

To give us an idea, what happens in Echarri-Aranaz is as if a nazi party forced Jews to erase the anti-Semitic graffiti they painted on their homes, demanding that the victims of these attacks They are the ones who assume the costs of its repair. Obviously, what Bildu intends is to impoverish the victims and force them to leave the town, in the last step of the campaign of mafia pressure that the Ulayar family has been suffering for decades.

The exchange of favors between Pedro Sánchez and Bildu

It is scandalous that events like this occur in a democratic country. But even more scandalous is to see thatthe Sánchez government has allied itself with Bildu, a party that has never condemned the crimes of. ETA. And instead of demanding that he carry out that sentence, Sánchez has decided to give Bildu the mayorship of Pamplona, the capital of Navarra, where ETA murdered 27 people, including they a child. If so, what is happening in Echarri-Aranaz could soon be repeated there.

Sánchez's decision is one more concession to the pro-ETA members in exchange for their support for the re-election of the leader of the Socialist Party (PSOE). An exchange of favors with which Sánchez and his party colleagues become accomplices of Bildu and things like what that extreme left party is doing in Echarri-Aranaz against family of Jesús Ulayar.


Photo: Covite. The Ulayar family house in Echarri-Aranaz with graffiti in favor of the terrorist group ETA.

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