During the Foreign Affairs Commission of Congress this Monday

Only Vox denounces in Congress the persecution of Christians and the support of a minister for a march of a terrorist group

This Monday, in the Foreign Affairs Commission of Congress, the third party with the most votes in Spain has once again exhibited the uniqueness of its speech.

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Spain: a Sánchez minister attends a march organized by an antisemitic terrorist group

That uniqueness could be summarized by saying that the word "unique" is the one that best describes this party. Of all the Spanish parties with a presence in the institutions, Vox is the only one that defends the right to life in the face of atrocities such as abortion and euthanasia. He is also the only one who opposes gender ideology and Brussels' crazy environmental agenda. And he is the only one who denounces illegal immigration and the mafias that traffic in human beings.

Vox's criticism of a minister's attendance at a terrorist and anti-Semitic march

Yesterday, Vox was the only party that addressed two issues that the others overlook and that most of the media prefer to silence. First of all, Vox has been the only party that has denounced in Congress the attendance of Minister Sira Rego at a demonstration in Madrid called by a terrorist group, a fact unusual in the history of Spain and that does not occur in any other European country. In the aforementioned commission, Vox deputy Carlos Flores stated:

"The day before yesterday, a minister of her government was demonstrating in the streets of Madrid in a call sponsored by the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine, which is an organization recognized as terrorist, where banners were displayed that they denied the right of the State of Israel to exist, from the river to the sea, where Israel was accused of perpetrating a genocide and where it was requested or invited - the photograph is there - to break diplomatic relations with Israel. How many policies does this government have in relation to the Israel-Hamas conflict? Can the Minister of Foreign Affairs assure us that his voice is that of the entire executive and that there is no "Other ministers who have a parallel and divergent agenda from yours as a competent minister?"

Vox asks the government to commit itself against the persecution of Christians

The Vox deputy also asked the minister to include "the persecution of religious freedom suffered especially by Christians"in Spain's foreign agenda relative to defense of human rights, including religious freedom, in institutions such as the UN, the European Union and the Council of Europe. Same on so many other issues, Vox is the only Spanish party that remembers this persecution and that asks that Spain defend those persecuted Christians. Here you can see the video of his intervention (the video is in English, you can activate the automatic subtitles in Spanish in the bottom bar of the player):


Photo: Vox.

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