Marlaska ignored an request from the family of one of those murdered

The farewell to the civil guards murdered in Barbate and the lack of respect from a minister

Today the funerals were held in the Cádiz and Pamplona cathedrals in honor of the two civil guards murdered on Friday in Barbate, Spain.

The favors of the left to drug trafficking and their bloody result for the Spanish Civil Guard

The murder occurred when a boat of drug traffickers boarded a boat of the Group of Underwater Activities Specialists (GEAS) of the Civil Guard, which in the absence of other means was carrying out persecution tasks for which it was not possible. Neither the boat nor the crew were ready. One more fact that is framed in the lack of resources suffered by the Civil Guard in that area, despite the repeated requests of the opposition to the government.

The two civil guards murdered in Barbate: David Pérez Carracedo (left), agent of the Rapid Action Group (GAR), and Miguel Ángel González Gómez (right), agent of the Group of Underwater Activities Specialists (GEAS).

Those murdered are David Pérez Carracedo, an agent of the Rapid Action Group (GAR) of the Civil Guard, 43 years old and a native of Nogarejas (León), who leaves behind a widow and two children, ages 9 and 6. years; and Miguel Ángel González Gómez, agent of the Group of Specialists in Underwater Activities (GEAS) of the Civil Guard, born in San Fernando (Cádiz), 39 years old and who had a partner and a 12-year-old daughter. . Both have been posthumously awarded the Golden Cross of the Order of Merit of the Civil Guard.

The farewell to Miguel Ángel González Gómez in Cádiz

This morning, in the Cathedral of Cádiz, a funeral was held in honor of Miguel Ángel González Gómez.

In addition to many members of the Civil Guard, the funeral was also attended by a large representation of the Spanish Navy.

Michelangelo's coffin was carried by members of the Civil Guard, the National Police, the General Corps of the Navy and the Marine Corps. Before belonging to the Civil Guard, Miguel Ángel had been a soldier in the Marine Infantry

The farewell to David Pérez Carracedo in Pamplona

The coffin with the body of David Pérez Carracedo was taken to Pamplona, since his widow is from Navarra. The funeral procession escorted by Civil Guard vehicles belonging to the Rapid Action Group (GAR), to which the murdered agent belonged, and the Traffic Group. Along the way, Civil Guard agents have paid honor to their colleague murdered on roads and bridges.

In the funeral chapel, installed in the Civil Guard Command in Pamplona, the coffin with David's body - with his green beret on the Flag of Spain - has been guarded by his companions, who They have taken turns to keep the last watch at his side.

Marlasla ignored the family's request and went to the funeral chapel

A very unpleasant incident occurred in the funeral chapel. According to, David's family had asked the Minister of the Interior not to go to the funeral chapel, but the socialist Fernando Grande-Marlaska ignored the request and went to the funeral chapel accompanied by the president of Navarra, María Chivite.

David's widow refused to let the minister wear the medal

In the burning chapel, one of the people present said loudly: "If the widow wishes, let the minister leave", a statement responded with applause by some of the people present at the scene. After the lack of respect from the minister ignoring the family's request, Marlaska wanted to place the Golden Cross of the Order of Merit of the Civil Guard on the coffin. According to eyewitnesses, David's widow refused to do so up to four times, at the minister's insistence. "Not for him. He wouldn't have wanted it. Don't do this to me," the widow exclaimed. Finally, the decoration was placed on the coffin by the head of the GAR, Lieutenant Colonel Rafael Ferrera.

Subsequently, a funeral was held in the Cathedral of Pamplona in honor of David Pérez Carracedo. Outside the temple, his colleagues from the Civil Guard have sung the hymn "La muerte no es el final" (Death is not the end), which is sung in the Armed Forces in honor of the Fallen:

Finally, and after the incident with the widow of the civil guard murdered in the burning chapel, the minister has not attended the funeral. Outside the Cathedral, many people have chanted shouts calling for Marlaska's resignation:

Let us remember that the political party of Marlaska and Chivite gave the mayor's office of Pamplona to the heirs of ETA, a terrorist group that murdered 853 people, including 210 civil guards. Additionally, in October 2022 Marlaska dissolved an elite unit of 150 civil guards that was fighting against drug trafficking in Campo de Gibraltar, leaving the civil guards in that area with insufficient means to combat that scourge What happened on Friday is the result of this serious negligence, for which the minister should have already presented his resignation, as several police associations have demanded civil guards and police unions in the last hours.


Photos: Guardia Civil / Juancho Ortiz.

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