It has ignored requests to provide more resources to our agents

The favors of the left to drug trafficking and their bloody result for the Spanish Civil Guard

The attitude of weakness and negligence on the part of the government towards all types of criminals ended yesterday in a new misfortune.

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In Barbate (Cádiz), some drug traffickers attacked a Civil Guard boat manned by six agents, murdering two civil guards. For years now, police unions and anti-drug associations have been demanding more resources for the Civil Guard and the National Police in the Campo de Gibraltar region, which suffers a serious problem of violent crime related to drug trafficking.

The requests for police reinforcements that the government ignored

The political opposition has presented requests to reinforce police forces in the area, but the coalition government of socialists (PSOE) and communists ( Podemos ) ignored them:

After years of ignoring all those requests from the opposition, police unions and anti-drug associations, the Minister of the Interior stated yesterday that the Campo de Gibraltar is already "almost de facto" an area of special uniqueness. He said it hours before some drug traffickers murdered three civil guards, in a new demonstration of the lack of resources of our Security Forces.

The surprising dismantling of an elite anti-drug unit

Let us also remember an event as strange and surprising as the one that occurred in October 2022, when the government dismantled the OCON-Sur, an elite unit to fight drug trafficking made up of 150 civil guards and which operated precisely in the Campo de Gibraltar region. A year later, faced with the serious effects of the dissolution of that unit, an association of the Guard Civil noted: "The drug traffickers applaud the dismantling of the OCON-SUR."

The same as what has been done with the ETA terrorists and with the authors of the sepatatist coup in Catalonia, the government of Pedro Sánchez has acted in relation to the Campo de Gibraltar as if he had not the slightest interest in offering the Civil Guard and the National Police the necessary means to combat drug traffickers.

"Only 20% of the drugs that enter our coast are intercepted"

The insistent rejection of these requests by the left only deserves to be interpreted as a favor from the left to drug trafficking, a favor for which the government owes an explanation to all Spaniards. Let us keep in mind that a year ago, the Unified Police Union (SUP) denounced that "only 20% of the drugs that enter our coast are intercepted" and denounced "the deficiencies of material, personnel and resources available to the security forces and bodies".

Does this government have any interest in facilitating the work of drug traffickers? How does it explain its negligent attitude in the face of this serious wave of crime while mobilizing a thousand riot police to protect its national headquarters and the Goya awards in front to the protests that Spanish farmers have scheduled?

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