Two weeks ago the flags were put at half-mast by Jacques Delors

Sánchez ordered official mourning for a French socialist but not for two civil guards

A few days ago, some drug traffickers murdered two civil guards in Barbate, ramming the boat they were on.

The favors of the left to drug trafficking and their bloody result for the Spanish Civil Guard
The farewell to the civil guards murdered in Barbate and the lack of respect from a minister

Morocco and drug trafficking in southern Spain

This crime has exposed the Spanish government for his insistence on ignoring requests to provide more resources to the Civil Guard in the Campo de Gibraltar region, which suffers from a serious drug trafficking problem, and by his controversial decision to dissolve in 2022 an elite unit made up of 150 civil guards that fought these criminals . Perhaps this inexplicable decision was made due to pressure from Morocco?"The king of Morocco has multiplied cannabis plantations in his country and legalized its cultivation a year earlier, he was not going to allow a group of 150 effective civil guards to lose millions a year", said Albert Castillón yesterday in El Independiente.

The government does not declare official mourning for the two murdered civil guards

In addition to its negligence, the coalition government formed by socialists and communists is also being criticized for not declaring official mourning for those two murdered civil guards. Inexplicably, while the members of the Civil Guard receive expressions of condolences and solidarity throughout Spain for this crime, there is not even a flag at half-mast in the barracks of that body. What's more: the Minister of the Interior, the socialist Fernando Grande-Marlaska, prohibited the civil guards from attending the minutes of silence for their murdered colleagues. A scandalous order that adds to the refusal of the socialists in Navarra and Catalonia to observe minutes of silence for those murdered.

Two weeks ago he declared official mourning for the French socialist Jacques Delors

Things change if we talk about honoring Pedro Sánchez's ideological colleagues. On January 30, the government declared a day of official mourning throughout Spain for the French socialist Jacques Delors, former president of the European Commission. The mourning took place on Wednesday, January 31. This official declaration of mourning was made jointly with the government of Portugal, in the hands of the Socialist Party.

Paradoxically, on January 31 there was official mourning in the military barracks in Spain, as well as in official civilian buildings and on the ships of the Armada, and also in the Civil Guard barracks, barracks that now are not allowed to put their flags at half-mast for their murdered colleagues. The nauseating attitude of this government towards the Civil Guard seems to have no limits.


Photo: AFP.

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