“Ukraine’s fight is Europe’s fight”, the ECR Group has pointed out

Messages from conservative parties in Europe to support Ukraine on the second anniversary of the Russian invasion

Today marks two years since the start of the Russian invasion of Ukraine, the worst war experienced in Europe since World War II.

Ukraine, two years of admirable heroism that raise a question to our consciences
Patriotism and the Russian invasion: Do you ask of Ukraine what you would not accept for your country?

During this time, Ukraine has had strong support among conservative governments such as that of Mateusz Morawiecki (Poland), Giorgia Meloni (Italy) and Petr Fiala (Czech Republic). Today, several conservative parties have issued messages of support for the Ukrainian cause:

  • "Ukraine’s fight is Europe’s fight. We support those who defend their country with courage and sacrifice and we stand by Ukraine until its victory" (ECR Group, parliamentary group of the European Conservatives and Reformists).
  • "When two years have passed since the criminal invasion of Ukraine by the oligarchic and dictatorial Russia of Vladimir Putin, we send our affection to the families of all the Ukrainians who fell victims of aggression and in defense of sovereignty and the homeland. Ukraine has the right to defend and recover its national sovereignty. VOX and the ECR group we are committed to our neighboring allies of Ukraine also threatened by Russia" (Vox, Spain).
  • "We continue to support Ukraine in what I have always considered the right of its people to defend themselves. This necessarily also presupposes military support to confuse the much vaunted word peace with surrender, as some do, it is a hypocritical approach that we will never share" (Giorgia Meloni, Prime Minister of Italy and President of Fratelli d'Italia).
  • "Today, just like two years ago, there is only one scenario in which Russia's illegal war in Ukraine can end: the victory of Ukraine and the countries of the free world" (Mateusz Morawiecki, shared on the Twitter account of the party Prawo i Sprawiedliwość, Poland).
  • "Today marks 2 years since Russia invaded Ukraine. Ukraine is the first line of defense, so we must continue to support it. It is Ukraine that pays for freedom with its blood and its lives. We help it with technology, finance and training. So far we have sent 62 tanks, 131 infantry fighting vehicles, six helicopters and 16 air defense systems to the brave defenders of Ukraine" (Občanská Demokratická Strana, Czech Republic).
  • "A sad anniversary - 2 years since Russia’s brutal invasion of Ukraine. So far Finland has provided Ukraine with 2,5 bn € in support, mostly in the form of defence material. But Europe needs to do much more, both to help Ukraine and to ensure security of future Europe" (Riikka Purra, presidenta de Perussuomalaiset, Finlandia).
  • "Glory to Ukraine and its heroes: glory! We will be with Ukraine until its victory" (Nacionālā Apvienība, Latvia).
  • "Two years ago, Russia brutally opened its attack on Ukraine. Today we remember all the victims and their families who continue to fight bravely for peace and freedom. JA21 supports the government to help Ukraine in this "terrible war that also threatens the rest of Europe" (JA21, Netherlands).
  • "The war in Ukraine began two years ago. In debates and votes, the SGP condemned this brutal attack and supported the government to help Ukraine and Ukrainians militarily and morally. That help must continue!" (Chris Stoffer, president of the Staatkundig Gereformeerde Partij, Netherlands).
  • "Putin's war lasts two years. For two years we have supported our defending neighbor. Glory to Ukraine!" (Sloboda a Solidarita, Slovakia).


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