A heroism that deserves to go down in the best pages of history

Ukraine, two years of admirable heroism that raise a question to our consciences

History books are full of pages about admirable people who made great sacrifices for a just cause.

Patriotism and the Russian invasion: Do you ask of Ukraine what you would not accept for your country?
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One of the things that I am most passionate about in history is knowing the events that these people carried out, such as Christian martyrs who have been massacred for their faith throughout the centuries and in different places; the abolitionists who denounced slavery when it made them suffer the hatred and incomprehension of many; and the Spanish who rose up against Napoleon, exhibiting limitless courage before the most powerful army of their time; the Polish resistance, which took up arms after the German and Soviet invasion of its homeland; the White Rose, whose members denounced Hitler's criminal regime; and the "Cursed Soldiers" of Poland, who after fighting Nazism continued their fight against communist oppression, without any outside help.

Years ago, when I read episodes like those in history books, I thought that the world would never again know facts of such high value as those. It seemed as if the values that inspired those admirable people were disappearing. And then, on February 24, 2022, we saw the Ukrainian people take up arms against a powerful invader, knowing that they were alone against one of the greatest powers in the world, but showing themselves willing to fight for the freedom of their country until the last drop of their blood.

In these two years we have seen the Ukrainian people demonstrate a heroism that deserves to be included in the best pages of history, those that are reserved for those who serve as inspiration for great principles such as Patriotism, bravery, the spirit of service, sacrifice and loyalty, words that seemed to have lost all their meaning, that seemed to have been buried under a barrage of materialism and relativism. Heroism like that poses an examination of conscience for all of us, even if we want to silence it or pretend that we don't hear it. He asks us a question that one day, in the future, he will ask us something: and what did you do for those brave people?

There are many ways to support the Ukrainian people. Governments can do this by sending military, economic and humanitarian aid, and also by supporting Ukraine's cause in major international forums. Politicians in any country can promote political initiatives to help Ukraine and stand up to those who want to deny aid to Ukrainians and those who side with the aggressors. Ordinary citizens can help with our donations, our prayers and our words. Because our words can move consciences, both out loud and in writing.

In these two years, Contando Estrelas has published 450 posts in Spanish, 371 in English, 5 in Ukrainian and 2 in Italian about the invasion of Ukraine. I have not published them for informational purposes only. When we talk about a tyrant who invades a sovereign country without any provocation, without any justification and committing all kinds of atrocities, I am not nor do I want to be neutral: I support Ukraine, as a matter of principle, just the same who would support the Christian martyrs, the abolitionists of slavery, the Polish resistance, the Jews murdered by the nazis or the White Rose.

We live in a historic moment and it is now when we have the opportunity to do the right thing. Instead, some have chosen to support the Russian invaders. Others have preferred to remain silent, take a profile or support Ukraine in a low voice, perhaps for fear of upsetting the fanatics who support a criminal tyrant like Putin. I don't care about bothering the henchmen of any tyrant. What matters to me is supporting Good and Justice, even if that generates enmities, problems, hatred and misunderstandings.

On this second anniversary of the invasion, I wish the Ukrainian people a clear and resounding victory in this fight for their freedom, a victory that culminates in the expulsion of all Russian troops from Ukrainian soil, including the parts of the country that Russia has illegally annexed. The future of Europe is decided today in Ukraine. The Ukrainian people are today a dam against the greatest current threat to peace and security in Europe, which is Russian imperialism. That is why Counting Stars will continue to support the cause of the Ukrainian people as it comes. doing.

Слава Україні! Героям слава!
Glory to Ukraine! Glory to the heroes!


Image: Freepik.

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