An ideological anesthesia whose success has a great contribution from the PP

The red anesthesia by which Spanish socialism does not collapse with political corruption

The Socialist Party (PSOE) is experiencing the worst corruption scandal of Pedro Sánchez's six years in office.

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They filled their pockets while Spain suffered a tragedy

This scandal has already affected several government ministers and the president of Congress, also a socialist. Everything points to a large plot through which trusted people around Sánchez pocketed large amounts of money with irregular contracts for the purchase of masks by the State during the pandemic. While we Spaniards were going through painful moments and many died in solitude without their families being able to accompany them due to the unconstitutional confinement that Sánchez imposed, some unscrupulous socialists filled their pockets at our expense.

In any other country, a scandal of this magnitude would have already brought down the entire government. Here, since this scandal broke out, not a single minister has resigned. The PSOE intends to settle everything by blaming Ábalos, a deputy who has been expelled, and resorting to the tactics of the "and you more"to hide his corruption by using corruption scandals that affected the Popular Party.

The PSOE would still obtain at least 110 seats if there were elections now

Yesterday, the newspaper Abc published a GAD3 survey which states, after this scandal broke out, The PSOE would only lose 3.3 points compared to the last general elections, obtaining between 110 and 116 seats, between 5 and 11 seats less than last year. That newspaper highlights that "the left could not govern", perhaps forgetting that it does not even need to: if the PP repeats what happened during Rajoy's mandate, leaving all ideological laws intact socialists (that is what the line that the current president of that party, Alberto Núñez Feijóo, is following seems to point to), it would be as if the socialists continued governing.

The ideological sectarianism that the PSOE has promoted in Spain

Any international observer will be stunned seeing the immunity that the left has to rob the Spanish people and not pay for itin political terms. It seems that no matter what the PSOE does, there will always be millions of unconditional supporters willing to continue voting for it. How is this possible? The reason is simple to explain: the PSOE has been promoting for years the idea that being on the left makes you a better person, that the ideas of the left are the correct ones and that even if someone from the left does something bad, his intentions are good because he is leftist. It is a stupid way of thinking, but it has triumphed due to the defection of its rivals in the battle of ideas.

The defection of the PP from the battle of ideas has reinforced that sectarianism

Every time the Popular Party has left one of the ideological laws of the PSOE intact, every time the PP has assumed any of the dogmas of the left (abortion, contempt for the family, gender ideology, ecological catastrophism, penal inequality for men and women, etc.) was giving an advantage to the left and assuming the idea that the socialists are right, the idea that any opposition to the theses of the left is misguided and that the correct thing to do is to limit ourselves to offering good management.

What the PP has done, tacitly, is apologize for not being left-wing and assume the sectarian mentality of socialism that considers every right-wing person to be a bad person. This ideological sectarianism acts on left-wing voters like a red anesthesia: it does not matter what the socialists do, it does not matter that they ally themselves with the enemies of Spain (the separatists) and with the enemies of Freedom (the communists). They have not even cared that the PSOE is allying itself with the heirs of the terrorist group ETA, who still have not condemned the murder of more than 800 Spaniards.

The idea that anything goes as long as the right does not govern

If the PSOE has been able to ally itself with the most infamous on the Spanish political map without suffering harsh electoral punishment, it is because, deep down, many left-wing voters have assumed the idea that anything goes as long as the right does not govern, which is the principle that drives Pedro Sánchez's government. That "anything goes" includes allying with pro-ETA members and leaving any corruption scandal unpunished.

For many left-wing voters, whether socialists steal doesn't matter as long as the right doesn't govern. It's that simple. This is what happens when you allow the left to impose its ideology on society as a single thought, deserting the battle of ideas and being ashamed of not being left, when precisely those who should be ashamed are the leftists for the infamous allies they have and for a criminal history for which they have never repented or asked for forgiveness.

The stigmatization of the only party that does not submit to leftist dogmas

Every time the PP has fled from the debate of ideas and has meekly submitted to the ideological dogmas of the left, every time the PP has joined the left's stigmatization campaign against Vox For the mere fact that this party does dare to go against socialist dogmas, what the PP was guaranteeing is the success of that red anesthesia, which turns Spanish socialism into a destructive sect whose followers are immune to any scandal.


Photo: PSOE.

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