An exhibition of authoritarianism and absolute contempt for democracy

The socialists adopt Putin's method to cover up their political corruption in Spain

Political corruption in Spain not only exposes the illicit enrichment of certain politicians, but also the degradation of democracy.

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The government limits itself to attacking the opposition and does not give any explanation

This Wednesday we could see an example of this degradation in the embarrassing government control session in Congress (you can see the full video here). For several hours, the government dedicated itself to attacking the opposition and did not give even the slightest explanation about the corruption scandal in the purchase of masks, a case that already affects several ministries in the hands of the socialists and in which people who were part of the circle of trust of Pedro Sánchez, president of the government, are involved.

The most opaque government that Spain has had in democracy

Unfortunately, this practice is not new in Spain. Sánchez and his ministers have been doing this since 2018, all while obtaining the record of being the government of Spain with the most complaints for lack of transparency, a government installed in opacity by system and that has made secrecy its particular distinctive.

Sánchez's growing resemblance to Putin and Lukashenko

In the entire European Union there is no other government that behaves in this way. To find practices similar to those of Sánchez, with his absolute contempt for the work of controlling the opposition typical of a democratic country, you have to go to the Russia of Vladimir Putin or the Belarus of Aleksandr Lukashenko, that is, to countries with authoritarian regimes and whose governments are dedicated to attacking and stigmatizing anyone who criticizes them for anything.

Sánchez's despotic attitude is dangerously reminiscent of Putin and Lukashenko in his idea that all opposition to power is hateful and deserves all the government's fury, even breaking the law and the Constitution. Let's remember Sanchez's cabinet is the only Spanish government that has been singled out by a ruling from the Constitutional Court for illegally closing Congress for months, preventing the supervisory work of the opposition and violating their fundamental right to political participation. Sánchez has never apologized for this violation of the Constitution and he even stated that he would do it again, demonstrating that he does not feel obliged to respect the rules of coexistence that obligate all Spaniards.

The complicity of the European Commission with Sánchez's abuses

It should be noted that the response of Sánchez and his ministers to this corruption scandal, a response typical of apprentice dictators, is only possible due to the unjustifiable tolerance that the institutions of the European Union, and particularly The European Commission chaired by Ursula von der Leyen, have been exhibiting the abuses of the leftist Spanish government. The same European institutions that have unleashed persecution against Poland for political reasons, as Von der Leyen demonstrated last week, he has been tolerating all the dictatorial attitudes and all the abuses of Sánchez without any reproach. An attitude that makes Von der Leyen and her Commission complicit in what Sánchez is doing in Spain.


Photo: PSOE. Pedro Sánchez during the government control session in Congress this Wednesday, February 28, 2024.

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