Socialism is a perfect machinery to generate political corruption

The precedents of the Koldo Case: the other corruption cases of the Sánchez government

The most corrupt government in the history of Spain, that of Pedro Sánchez, has just had a new case of political corruption break out.

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This scandal, known as the Koldo Case, splashes Sánchez, two of his ministers and the socialist president of Congress, as well as the Secretary of Organization of the PSOE. The case consists of the fortune made by a prominent member of the PSOE, which he was part of Sánchez's circle of trust, with the contracts assigned to him for the purchase of masks during the pandemic.

We are not facing the first case of corruption of the Sánchez government. Let us remember the previous ones:

In Spain we have a government that markets compliance with the law for Sánchez's personal benefit, which is the most blatant form of political corruption there is. Next to that, the Koldo Case seems like a trifle. The incredible thing is to see many media outlets justifying this colossal corruption that is the amnesty for the government's allies, on the perverse thesis that the end justifies the means, since having this corrupt behavior avoids calling new elections that could lead to a change of government.

In the end, what we have just seen is nothing more than an exhibition of socialism, an ideology that seeks to expand the size of the State and the government's control over society, destroying the legal dams intended to stop abuses of political power. By facilitating these abuses, political corruption is also facilitated. What some would have to ask themselves is: what sense does it make to assume the ideological dogmas of the left and then cry out against corruption? These dogmas implicitly imply political corruption, since they facilitate and promote it. Socialism is not only a disastrous ideology: it is also a perfect machinery for generating political corruption.


Photo: PSOE.

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