She unlocks European funds for Poland with a mere change of government

Ursula von der Leyen exposes the political harassment she orchestrated against Poland

I have been denouncing for several years that Poland was the victim of political persecution by the European Commission.

The coup on the Rule of Law by the new center-left government in Poland
Hungary and Poland yes, Spain no: the reasons for the leftist bias of the European Commission

She unlocks European funds for Poland with a mere change of government

This persecution was not due to alleged violations of the rule of law, as claimed by the president of the Commission, the German Ursula von der Leyen, and her colleagues from the European People's Party (EPP), as well as the allies leftists of that party, but due to political and ideological causes, since Poland had a conservative government that did not agree with the ideological agenda of the Commission.

Well: today it was Von der Leyen who has exposed this politically motivated harassment against the previous conservative government of the Law and Justice party (PiS), and she has done so announcing the unlocking of 137 billion euros in European funds for Poland, with this statement: "We are impressed by Poland’s efforts to restore the Rule of Law as the backbone of its society. These efforts are decisive."

The price of unlocking: migration pact, green pact and euro

But have any of the things that the Commission objected to the previous government changed? Well no.In fact, the current government did not even bother to fake any change. According to points the PiS deputy Waldemar Buda, who was Minister of Development and Technology with the last government of Mateusz Morawiecki, the new Polish government of Donald Tusk (of the Citizen Platform, one of the Polish partners of the EPP) submitted its request to unblock these funds on 15 December, two days after the formation of the new government.

"Did you know that the rule of law was restored in Poland on December 15, 2023? Yes! After two days of government, the Minister demonstrates in her application for a loan that the rule of law already exists!", Waldemar Buda denounces, and recalls the allegation made by the President of the Republic of Poland, Andrzej Duda (of the PiS) to the false complaints from Brussels: "Andrzej Duda was right! It was not about any rule of law! The Donald Tusk / Von der Leye deal was clear, payment only after the elections! And not free." Waldemar Buda points out the price to be paid by Poland for the unlocking of those funds: "support for the migration pact, the green pact and the euro".

“Brussels officials did not care about any rule of law”

Former Defense Minister Mariusz Błaszczak, who was also part of Morawiecki's government, has denounced today: "The rule of law in Poland ended on December 13, 2023. Since then we have had, among others: attack on public media and seizure illegal of the prosecutor's office", some events that we already saw here in January, along with the protest of the Judiciary, the main journalists' union and 300,000 people at a march in Warsaw. Błaszczak adds: "Officials in Brussels did not care about any rule of law, but rather that a meek and submissive politician like Donald Tusk took power in Poland."

The abuses of the new Polish government against the rule of law

Regarding the supposed efforts of the new Polish Tusk government in favor of the rule of law, it is revealing the opinion of Małgorzata Manowska, the first president of the Supreme Court, a month and a half ago, already with the new government, denouncing the actions of Marshal of the Sejm (president of the Congress), Szymon Hołownia, member of Polska 2050, one of the parties of the center-left coalition headed by Donald Tusk:

"Mr. Marshal, in collaboration with the president of the Chamber of Labor, evaded the procedure for circulating documents in force before the Supreme Court. In addition, they jointly tried to determine the composition of the court and forcibly remove the judges of the IKNiSP [Chamber of Extraordinary Verification and Public Affairs] of its functions. These are unprecedented actions."

On January 8, the Supreme Court denounced that Hołownia committed "a significant violation of the legal order of the Republic of Poland", by choosing where to file the appeal of Mariusz Kamiński, deputy of the PiS, against Hołownia's decision to annul his mandate as a deputy, and then order his arrest. "Not only do they constitute a violation of national law, but they also have no basis in the ruling of the CJEU [Court of Justice of the European Union] of December 21 of last year", the Supreme Court denounced.

This authoritarian drift of Prime Minister Donald Tusk and his associates was also reflected in a threat from Tusk to arrest the President of the Republic, an unprecedented event that caused a scandal in Poland in January. Given the illegal arrests of two PiS deputies and the controversial actions of the new government, President Duda denounced "the ostentatious violation of the Polish Constitution."

The European Commission looks the other way in the face of Tusk's abuses

However, none of this seems to matter to Von der Leyen, who has chosen to look the other way in the face of the abuses being committed by the Tusk government. The objective of the Commission was to force a change of government in Poland to bring in its supporters and it has achieved this, subjecting the previous government to political blackmail. He hasn't been the only one. In September 2022, Von der Leyen blackmailed Italians by threatening them if they gave victory to Giorgia Meloni's conservatives in that country's general elections.

Von der Leyen aspires to continue her sectarian policy from the Commission

For five years, Von der Leyen has been using the European Commission as a battering ram to impose her pro-leftist political agenda, bypassing the sovereignty of the member countries and abusing her powers as president. Her Commission is made up mainly of the EPP and the European socialists. That is why she has not taken any measures against the government of Pedro Sánchez, despite its repeated attacks on judicial independence and its abuses against the rule of law in Spain.

This Monday, the German politician announced her candidacy for re-election as president of the Commission, in which she will likely have the support of the European People's Party. One more reason to mobilize in this year's European elections and vote against her.


Photo: European Commission. The President of the European Commission, the German Ursula von der Leyen, with the new Prime Minister of Poland, Donald Tusk, on December 15, 2023, two days after the formation of the new Polish government led by the partners of the European People's Party, to which the president of the Commission belongs.

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