300,000 people demonstrated in Warsaw despite very intense cold

Massive protest against Tusk's coup in Poland with slogans of 'Down with communism!'

Yesterday, Warsaw was a city covered in snow, with maximum temperatures hovering around 0ºC, but that did not stop a massive protest.

The coup on the Rule of Law by the new center-left government in Poland
The new Polish government of populars and socialists illegally assaults the Polish TV

With its recent decisions, the new center-left government led by Donald Tusk, formed by an alliance of partners of the European People's Party, socialists, post-communists and other groups, has exhausted the patience of many Poles. In December it was the illegal assault on public media and this week something much worse has come: the illegal detention of two opposition deputies, who have been deprived of their parliamentary immunity in a totally irregular manner, after being convicted for pursuing corruption cases, something completely absurd.

Poland still has the experience of communism in its memory and there is one certainly alarming fact: in Tusk's government coalition there is a socialist party, the SLD, which is heir to the PZPR, the single party of the communist dictatorship that disappeared in 1989. In fact, one of the SLD MEPs, Leszek Miller, held a leading position in the PZPR during the dictatorship. Tusk already led an alliance with socialists and post-communists in 2019 and now governs Poland with them.

Perhaps that explains a detail of the massive protest called yesterday in Warsaw by the Prawo i Sprawiedliwość party (PiS, Law and Justice) against the arrest of those two deputies. That detail can be heard in this video by Bartłomiej Wróblewski:

What the protesters shouted was "Precz z komuną!", that is, "Down with communism!". The shouts were heard in the demonstration as it traveled along Wiejska Street, in the district of Śródmieście, in Warsaw. The call began at four in the afternoon and ran along this central street, which passes in front of the buildings of the two chambers of the Polish Parliament: the Sejm (lower house) and the Senate (upper house). As he passed through that street, there were so many people that you couldn't see the beginning and the end of the demonstration. According to the organizing party, the march brought together 300,000 people.

As heard in the previous video and in the following one, another of the shouts that was heard the most during the demonstration was "Tu jest Polska!" (This is Poland!), a way of conveying to the Tusk government that the Polish people do not allow their freedom to be taken away without resistance, as the nazis and communists have already proven.

In fact, in the march there were clear references to Polish resistance to the two great totalitarianisms. Some protesters carried the Polish flag with the Kotwica, the emblem of Armia Krajowa ( Home Army, the main organization of the Polish resistance against the German occupation during World War II). In addition, many emblems and flags of the Solidarność (Solidarity) union, which was the protagonist of the 1980s protests against the communist dictatorship, were seen during the march, as well as the sign of that union, the hand making the victory salute.

It must be said that Poland has not been alone in this protest. This Tuesday, in the United States, a group of Poles from New York demonstrated in support of the Warsaw protest, in front of the Katyn Memorial in Jersey City (on these lines). Furthermore, this Thursday the Spanish Vox MEPs Jorge Buxadé and Hermann Tertsch participated in the Warsaw march, as we see in this photo published by Buxadé.

You can see below a series of photos of this massive protest. From Spain, I extend all my support to the Polish patriots against the Tusk government's attack on the rule of law. Precz z komuną! Niech żyje Polska!


Photos: Prawo i Sprawiedliwość / Sylwester Tułajew / Michał Adamczuk / Piotr Müller / Błażej Poboży / Paweł Jabłoński / Mateusz Janiczek.

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