She puts Poland and Hungary as examples of what will happen if they do not obey

The intolerable blackmail of Von der Leyen to the Italians not to vote for the right

This Sunday Italy is called to the polls to vote in a general election. In the polls, one of the favorite parties is Fratelli d'Italia.

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Fratelli d'Italia: a conservative and democratic party

That party, headed by Giorgia Meloni, belongs to the Group of Conservatives and Reformists (ECR) in the European Parliament, a group that also includes the Law and Justice party. (which governs Poland), the Civic Democratic Party (to which the current Prime Minister of the Czech Republic belongs), Sweden Democrats (the second most voted party in that country in the September 11 elections) and Vox (the third most voted party in Spain). The Conservative Party, which governs in the United Kingdom, also belonged to that group before BREXIT.

Fratelli d'Italia, like the other ECR parties, is a democratic and conservative party, which defends its ideas within the law and by peaceful means. But the circumstance is that the ECR is not part of the coalition that controls the European Commission, formed by the centrists of the European People's Party, the socialists and the center-left group Renew Europe. The current Commission submits to the ideological dogmas of the left, and the ECR disagrees with those dogmas, and this legitimate discrepancy, which is normal in a democratic society, is something that the president does not seem to accept of the Commission.

Von der Leyen threatens Italians not to vote for the right

During a public event held Thursday at Princeton University, the President of the European Commission, Ursula von der Leyen, launched a threat to the Italians ahead of tomorrow's general elections given the possibility of a victory for Giorgia Meloni's party: "If things go in a difficult direction, as I have mentioned regarding Hungary and Poland, we have tools." He refers, of course, to the ideological persecution that the Commission has been carrying out against those two countries, in a brazen attempt to subject their governments to the ideological dictates of the left, overriding the will expressed by Poles and Hungarians at the polls.

The silence of Von der Leyen in the face of the abuses of the Spanish government

Contrary to his persecution of Poland and Hungary and the threats he now launches against Italy, Von der Leyen has not taken a single step against the attacks of the Spanish government against judicial independence< /a>, denounced by the European Association of Judges (EAJ) two years ago and warned in 2021 by 2,500 Spanish judges before the EU. Von der Leyen has also not taken any action against the violation of fundamental rights by the Spanish government, verified by various rulings of the Constitutional Court as a result of several appeals presented by Vox (as I have pointed out, one of the parties of the ECR and a Spanish partner of Fratelli d'Italia).

Von der Leyen depends on the support of the socialists

Instead, last year Von der Leyen praised Pedro Sánchez's government, presenting it as "an example of the European soul", and has been congratulating the Spanish executive for various reasons. This staggering difference in treatment has a political explanation: Von der Leyen, who belongs to the European People's Party, governs with the support of the socialists (in fact, they are the majority group in the Commission). Without the support of the socialists, Von der Leyen would lose the presidency. That is why she seems willing to consent to all the outrages of the Spanish government, formed by a coalition of socialists and communists, while she dedicates herself to threatening Italians so that they do not vote for the conservative right.

The authoritarian drift of the European president

With her despotic and sectarian attitude, Von der Leyen seems determined to take the EU down increasingly authoritarian paths that are dangerously reminiscent of the USSR, a dictatorship that used force to suffocate any attempt to get out of the path imposed by Soviet communism. While Moscow used tanks to impose its will, Von der Leyen uses European funds to blackmail governments that do not have their ideological rope, and now, in addition, she is also launching herself to blackmail the citizens of Italy. A blackmail that is intolerable in a democratic Europe. Von der Leyen must resign immediately. The EU cannot be run by a tyrant who does not respect political pluralism and who dedicates herself to harassing the democratic right while pampering everything to the left.


Photo: Efe.

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