Emmanuel Macron and Pedro Sánchez are two clear examples of the second

Which governments are really helping Ukraine and which are talking more than helping?

Ukraine is experiencing a critical moment in its defense against the Russian invasion, due to the parliamentary blockade of US military aid.

Poland's warning about the effects of a Russian victory in Ukraine
Poland's hard reproach to France and Germany for their lukewarm attitude towards Russia

In recent weeks, some European leaders have made very solemn statements about the need to increase aid to Ukraine (for example, Pedro Sánchez at the end of February) and even the possibility of send troops to that country (as Emmanuel Macron said around the same time). Specifically, the words of President of France caused a great stir, since this announcement was made without counting on the allies. The question to ask is: Do Sánchez and Macron talk more than they actually do for Ukraine?

The revealing data from the Ukraine Support Tracker

Regarding this issue, el Kiel Institute for the World Economy (IfW) has been publishing the Ukraine Support Tracker, which monitors international aid to Ukraine. This is the graph showing the countries that most They help in relation to their GDP:

The top ten countries on the list are Estonia, Denmark, Lithuania, Norway, Latvia, the Netherlands, Slovakia, Poland and Finland. Spain is in 16th place and France in 22nd. This map shows the global situation, with Spain and France in light blue among the countries that help the least:

Below we can see the graph with the countries that More military aid has been provided to Ukraine from January 24, 2022 to January 15, 2024:

The top ten are the United States, Germany, the United Kingdom, Denmark, the Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Canada, Sweden and Finland. France is in 16th place, behind small countries such as the Czech Republic, Lithuania and Slovakia, while Spain is in 19th place, behind Australia and Latvia.

The contrast between aid from Poland and aid from France and Spain

At the beginning of this month, France responded to the information from the Ukraine Support Tracker publishing an official list of its aid, putting it at 2,615 million euros compared to the 600 million indicated by the IfW. All in all, France's aid would be behind that provided by countries with much less population, such as Denmark (8.4 billion euros), Netherlands (4.4 billion) and Norway (3.8 billion). France is a military power that has a permanent seat on the UN Security Council. It is not understood that Macron boasts of contributing 2,615 million while Poland has contributed 3,000 million. Spain contributing only 330 million (less than Latvia) is simply shameful, and I say this as a Spaniard.

The case of Poland can serve as an example to prove what a true commitment to aid Ukraine is: the Poles have delivered 14 MiG-29 fighters, 12 Mi-24 attack helicopters, 324 tanks and 342 combat vehicles. infantry, according to data published by Oryxspioenkop.com. Among the tanks delivered are T-72, PT-91 and Leopard 2A4. If Ukraine has not been completely invaded by Russia, it is, to a large extent, because of that Polish help.

Military aid from France and Spain to Ukraine

According to Oryxspioenkop.com , France has not delivered to Ukraine any fighters, helicopters, tanks or infantry fighting vehicles. In terms of armored vehicles, France has delivered 40 AMX-10RC tank destroyers and 60 VAB armored transport vehicles of personnel, all of them on wheels. Oryxspioenkop.com< /a> has also published the aid sent by the Sánchez government: neither fighters, nor helicopters nor infantry combat vehicles. The most notable elements of Spanish aid so far have been 10 Leopard 2A4 tanks and 60 M-113 armored transports.

Instead of talking for the sake of talking, affirming the possibility of sending troops to Ukraine, what Macron should do is send Rafale fighters and Leclerc tanks, if he really wants Russia not to win this war. At the same time, to demonstrate that he has the slightest interest in Ukraine's victory, Sánchez should start with something more basic: breaking his government pacts with Putin's puppets in Spain (the communists of Sumar and the separatists of the BNG, ERC, Bildu and Junts) and stop buying Russian gas, either directly or through Morocco.


Photo: Efe.

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