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Vox in Bilbao: shouts of 'Freedom' and a large Spanish Flag in front of pro-ETA activists

This Friday the 2024 Basque election campaign began, an electoral call in a land marked by the lack of Freedom.

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The words of deputy Alcaraz denouncing the tributes to ETA murderers in Spain

This lack of Freedom is imposed by the pro-ETA mafia, which continues with its harassment of the Democrats and very specifically of the patriots, a harassment fueled by the hatred of Spain and the Freedom of those who For decades they imposed their terror through bombs and guns.

This first Vox campaign event took place in the Plaza del Corazón de María in Bilbao. The president of Vox, Santiago Abascal, participated in this event, held in his Basque homeland, together with Amaia Martínez, Vox candidate for the presidency of the Basque government, and María Pérez, Vox candidate for the province of Vizcaya. The three walked some streets of Bilbao together with the vice president of the Murcia region, José Ángel Antelo, the vice president of the Valencian Community, Vicente Barrera, and the Vox spokesperson in Congress, Pepa Millán.

As usual, the pro-ETA mafia went to the place to harass the members of Vox. Abascal referred to them during the Vox event: "Now you make a lot of noise, but we don't care. We are going to say what we have to say and the truth will sound during this campaign in the Basque Country; it will be heard in the homes of the Basques who do not receive information about Vox and we are going to make ourselves heard, no matter who it is."

The separatist thugs were kept at bay by the Basque Police, which Bildu intends to leave without the weapons with which they protect the safety of the inhabitants of the Basque provinces. Abascal has referred to this in his speech: "in this province in the last year, robberies with violence have increased by 100% and the truth is that in this region, in Basque land, In the last year, rapes have increased by 200%. And what is the great contribution to the security of these scoundrels who now seem to be going to win the elections? Disarm the Ertzaintza."

All Vox events end with the National Anthem of Spain. In all parts of the country it is exciting to hear its chords, but that emotion is filled with a very special meaning in a land where that many people have been murdered by ETA for the mere fact of loving Spain and defending its unity. Those who have experienced ETA's terror up close, like Abascal himself, who was threatened with death and forced to carry an escort for years, know better than anyone what that anthem means in the Basque lands. This is what those attending the Vox event in Bilbao heard yesterday:

After the anthem, Vox displayed a large Spanish Flag in the square. It is the symbol of Spain and Freedom, especially for those of us who live in Spanish regions where the separatist mafia has dedicated itself to the practice of terrorism.

At the end of the event there was a new harassment session by the pro-ETA members, who even threw eggs at the members of Vox. Again, Basque Police officers kept the separatist thugs at bay. Through the streets of Bilbao, the members of Vox shouted "Freedom, Freedom", while those nostalgic for ETA vomited their hatred of Spain and Freedom through insults and threats. Félix Esteve recorded the scene in this video:

As expected, many media outlets have decided to silence this act. Others have decided to deceive their readers by denying reality: the agency Europa Press and the newspapers Abc and El Correo stated yesterday that the pro-ETA harassment was a "protest without incident". Harassing and throwing objects at Vox leaders and supporters are not "incidents", according to these media. Maybe they would be if it happened to them. What disgusting journalism.

You can see here the full video of this Vox event in Bilbao:


Photos: Vox.

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