Conferences are suspended due to pressure from the far-left party

Razem, the 'Polish Podemos', Attacks Freedom of Speech in the Universities of Poland

The aggressions of Podemos against freedom of speech in Spanish public universities already have foreign imitators. Specifically, the attacks are occurring in Poland.

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Polish public universities yield to far-leftist censorship

According to LifeSiteNews reports, four Polish public universities - Warsaw, Wrocław, Toruń and Krakow - had scheduled lectures by american activist Rebecca Kiessling, but the events must had to be canceled and relocated because of pressures from leftist groups, among them the party Razem (Together). The only academic institution that has not yielded to the pressure of leftist censorship was the Catholic University of Lublin, where Kiessling was able to hold his lecture as planned.

An far-left party without representation in Parliament

Razem does not have representation in the Parliament or in the Senate of Poland, in which at the moment the left does not have any representative. The party was founded in 2015 inspired by Podemos; it has even adopted the same purple color that the Spanish far-leftist party uses. Just as Podemos, Razem follows the lines of the new wave of far-left parties that disguise their classic paraphernalia with transversal dress to conceal their true ideological nature. Razem talks about precariousness and caste, claims against austerity policies, demands the 35-hour weekly working day and calls for raising the tax burden on the rich and on business. Like Podemos, Razem says it is inspired by the economic model of the Scandinavian countries, but in reality his speech is anti-liberal and anti-capitalist. In addition, it aims to subvert the traditional values ​​of Polish society, mainly Catholic, promoting abortion, the imposition of gender ideology and increasing the influence of LGBT groups.

They want to get on the street what they do not get at the polls

Although this speech has a very minor support among the Polish electorate, Razem tries to achieve with the street agitation what it does not achieve through the polls. In October 2016 it was behind the abortion marches convened in Poland, that were left with violent incidents. Despite the fact that Polish society declares itself to be largely provided, the Polish Parliament gave in to the pressure of the extra-parliamentary left and rejected the total ban on the murder of unborn children in the country, an attack on the human rights of the weak and defenseless, introduced in Poland by the Nazis after the invasion of 1939 and later consolidated by the communist dictatorship imposed by Stalin. The political program of Razem is, in fact, a cosmetic retouch of the statist and anti-Christian policies imposed by the communist regime between 1944 and 1989. I hope that the Poles will be able to resist this new totalitarian offensive as they did during the Nazi occupation and Communist occupation of the country.

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