Attackers wanted to burn down the temple during the celebration of a mass

Attempt to Set Fire to a Church in Elche, Spain, Already Burned by Leftists in 1936

The minor Basilica of Santa María de Elche suffered an attack last Saturday, June 30, early in the morning, when unidentified people tried to set it on fire.

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They tried to burn down the church in celebration of a mass

As reported by the local media TeleElx, the authors of the fire threw paraffin from a chandelier to the wood of the door of San Agatángelo, which faces the Eucharistic Congress Square. The authors of the fire closed the doors of the wooden box so that the flames generated a fire, which would have had tragic consequences since at that moment a mass was being celebrated inside the temple. A parishioner who came to the Mass at 8 o'clock in the morning saw the smoke coming from that door and sounded the alarm. The firemen were notified, but when they arrived, the sacristans had already managed to smother the flames.

The Basilica was burned down by the left before the Spanish Civil War

this Basilica, built in the seventeenth century, was already the victim of a serious fire caused by leftists on February 20, 1936, during the course of the elections that the Popular Front won through electoral fraud. In the early afternoon of that day, and while others came to raid the headquarters of the rival political parties of the Popular Front, a group of leftists came to attack the churches. Finally, they managed to burn down the Basilica, which was partially destroyed. The altarpiece of 1730 and the dressing room of the Virgin of the Assumption were burned, and the image of the Virgin disappeared. Even today the temple shows traces of the destruction caused by that fire. The Basilica was restored after the war.

The attack occurs in the middle of the Christianphobic offensive of the Left

Saturday's attack took place during the anti-Catholic offensive on the Left. In recent months, in that same community, the Socialists have demolished crosses in Callosa de Segura (Alicante) and Vall de Uxó (Castellón), provoking the indignation of many neighbors, who had mobilized in defense of the permanence of these monuments. A few days ago, the Communists of Izquierda Unida (United Left) demanded the demolition of the cross of the Valley of the Fallen, the world's largest cross, a provocation that is causing outrage among many Spanish Catholics. In addition, the Socialist Party is preparing a law that would allow the demolition of crossings throughout Spain, regardless of their architectural value, although they lack political significance and without consulting the residents of each locality.


(Photo: TeleElx)

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