The attack of 'antifas' against a patriotic march is settled with four wounded

USA: A Far-Leftist Attempts to Assault a Conservative With a Baton and Ends KO

On June 30, a march convoked by the Proud Boys, conservative, anti-racist, minimal state supporter and opposed to political correctness, was held in Portland, Oregon.

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For some time now, in the United States, any public act organized by groups related to President Trump has been attacked by the far-left, specifically by groups that call themselves "antifa" or "antifascists", but in reality act with the same violent and mafia methods as the fascists. The Portland antifas had threatened to blow up the conservative march. The organizers of the march refused to cancel it, and went to the Terry Schrunk Plaza at four in the afternoon ready to defend themselves against any aggression, and accompanied by Joey Gibson, Republican Senate candidate.

The 'antifas' attacked the demonstrators and they defended themselves

The ultraleft mobilized its followers, summoned by the anarchist group Rose City Antifa, with the typical aesthetic of the violent Black Bloc: individuals fully dressed in black, many of them hooded and wearing military boots, armed with pepper spray, stones and smoke grenades with which they assaulted the demonstrators, who were unarmed. Among the far-leftists there were also several skin heads armed with extendable batons. One of them assaulted one of the conservative protesters, but the latter confronted him and ended up knocking him out. The skin head had to be dragged by his colleagues.

Criticism of the permissiveness of the Portland Police with the far-left

Finally, after allowing the "antifas" to break a legally authorized convocation, the Portland Police declared the situation as a riot and revoked the permit for the conservative demonstration, urging the demonstrators to leave the area and even threatening to detain several Joey Gibson's followers, even though they had been attacked. "The Portland police allowed the criminals to charge against our authorized march, declared our march a disturbance and revoked our permission," said Gibson, who was very critical of the permissive action of the Portland Police towards the ultraleft. The demonstration resulted in four wounded who needed hospital care. In addition, the Portland Police arrested four people, two conservatives and two far-leftists; among the latter is Luis Márquez, one of the leaders of the "antifa" movement in Portland, who was arrested last year for trying to burst another march carrying an extendable baton.

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