They were shot to death by anarchist criminals during the Spanish Civil War

Catalonia: Separatists Vandalize a Cross that Remembers Nuns Murdered in 1936

Separatism does not respect nor the victims of war crimes perpetrated by the Red side in the Spanish Civil War. Proof of this is what happened a few days ago in Vallvidrera (Barcelona).

Spanish communists imitate the Taliban: they intend to tear down the World’s largest cross
The names of the 50 children killed by communists in the Paracuellos Massacre

Separatists vandalize the monument by painting a yellow ribbon

Although the small monument, two meters high, , the separatists vandalized it recently, as shown in this photo posted on Twitter by @arturelpayaso2. In the monument they painted a yellow ribbon, the symbol that separatism uses to support separatist politicians who are in preventive prison for alleged crimes of rebellion, sedition and embezzlement of public funds. It is only necessary to express the deepest rejection towards savages who do not even respect a monument in memory of five defenseless women who were murdered because of their faith, at the hands of criminals who today are claimed by the Spanish left as if they were heroes and defenders of democracy, when they were just totalitarians who hated freedom.

Murdered by anarchists of the CNT after refusing to renounce their faith

On July 27, 1936, anarchists carrying a vehicle with the acronym CNT-FAI took out five Dominican nuns from their convent, located on Trafalgar Street in Barcelona. The anarchists coerced the religious to renege on their faith, abandon religious life and accede to dishonest proposals if they wanted to save their lives. They refused. They were put on a truck and taken to Vallvidrera, on the outskirts of the city. There they were forced to get off the truck and were shot to death one by one. The two youngest nuns, Otilia Alonso and Ramona Perramón, survived the shooting for a few hours and were able to give testimony of the crime to the owner of a store and the Vallvidrera baker, who came to the scene to help them. Soon the anarchists returned, who were on the verge of murdering the shopkeeper and the baker too, for having come to help the dying, who died soon after, forgiving their murderers.

A stone monument dedicated by his congregation sisters

The murdered were Adelfa Soro Bó (49 years old), Teresa Prats Martí (41), Ramona Fossas Románs (54), Ramona Perramón Vila (37) and Otilia Alonso González (19). In the 1940s a simple stone monolith was dedicated to them, with a cross on top and the symbol of their order, in the place where they were killed. In the monolith the following inscription is read: "Here they gave their lives in testimony of their faith on July 27, 1936 the R.R. Dominicans of the Annunciata", indicating their names and pointing out at the end the following: "Their sisters of congregation in memory". The five nuns were beatified by Pope Benedict XVI on October 28, 2007, during a Mass in St. Peter's Square during which 498 martyrs killed in the anti-Catholic persecution carried out by the left in the War Spanish Civil War were raised to the altars.

The brutal anti-Catholic persecution of separatist Companys

During the Spanish Civil War, and under the command of separatist and anti-Catholic politician Lluís Companys in Catalonia>, more than 8,000 people were killed for their political ideas and religious beliefs.4 bishops, 1,536 priests (30% of the Catalan clergy) and thousands of lay people were assassinated for the mere fact of being Catholics. The murders were committed under any pretext. For example, a disabled religious was killed simply for knowing Latin. The mayor of Lérida was shot for having organized a cavalcade of the Magi. In three years and under the command of Companys more people were killed in Catalonia than were executed by the Spanish Inquisition in 160 years (1540-1700) throughout the Spanish Empire.


(Photo: @arturelpayaso2)

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