The whites are the victims of the new Apartheid imposed by the left

South Africa Is Once Again Racist, But Now With the Blessings of Political Correctness

After the fall of the racist Apartheid regime in 1992, the Republic of South Africa seemed to embark on a path towards coexistence between whites and blacks with equality. That path comes to an end.

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Parliament approves expropriating white lands without compensation

According to the Reuters news agency published on Tuesday, the president of South Africa, Cyril Ramaphosa, in charge since last February, has confirmed that he is preparing an amendment to the 1996 South African Constitution to "expropriate" land without any compensation. I put "expropriate" in quotation marks because what Ramaphosa proposes is a full-fledged confiscation, that is, a theft of land by the State. But in addition to a direct attack on private property, the Ramaphosa project includes a clear racist intent. As The Daily Wire points out, the victims of this amendment would be the white farmers, who would be dispossessed of their lands in an attempt to settle the accounts of the African National Congress, the leftist party presided over by Ramaphosa, in revenge for the vanished Apartheid regime.

Currently, the 1996 South African Constitution - which was signed by Nelson Mandela - establishes in Article 9 that the State can not discriminate against anyone, among other reasons because of their race. In addition, Article 25 states: "No one may be deprived of property except in terms of law of general application, and no law may permit arbitrary deprivation of property." This same article adds that the State may agree on the expropriation of property "for a public purpose or in the public interest" and "subject to compensation, the amount of which and the time and manner of payment of which have either been agreed to by those affected or decided or approved by a court." Last February, the Marxists of the Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) party presented a proposal to amend Article 25 so that the expropriations are made without compensation. The proposal was approved by the South African Parliament by an overwhelming majority (241 votes to favor and 83 against), thanks to the support of the African National Congress. The president of the EFF, Julius Malema, called white farmers "criminals".

Zimbabwe did the same in 2000: the country ended in ruin

Previously, Ramaphosa affirmed the need to transfer those lands to the blacks but guaranteeing the production of food and security, in an attempt to reassure the investors, who observe with concern the dangerous communist drift that the country is experiencing. In addition, there is already a precedent in neighboring Zimbabwe. In 2000, President Robert Mugabe, de facto a dictator, confiscated the lands of the country's white farmers. The measure caused hyperinflation and food shortages, and Mugabe supporters also perpetrated violent attacks against white farmers. The 120,000 whites who lived in Zimbabwe in 1999 were pushed into exile: in 2002 there were only less than 50,000 left. In 2012 there were 28,000, but even this did not stop the racist policy of the dictatorial regime: in September 2014, Mugabe urged the remaining whites in the country to leave for England, warning them that he would not allow them to return ever again. It is not likely that they wanted to do so: Mugabe left Zimbabwe to the utmost ruin, with inflation in 2008 reaching 160,000%.

A silenced genocide: thousands of white farmers killed

In South Africa, for the moment, the situation of whites is getting tougher. In November 2016 Julius Malema targeted the white minority: "We are not calling for the slaughter of white people‚ at least for now ...", he said, adding: "The rightful owners of the land are black people. No white person is a rightful owner of the land here in SA and the whole of the African continent." Such a racist vision of a territory like that of Ku Klux Klan members in the United States. And the comparison is not exaggerated, if we take into account that both Malena and her followers are characterized by their violent attitudes.

That racist rhetoric, which has been repeated for decades in South Africa, is having dramatic consequences. Six years ago the NGO Genocide Watch reported that between July 1994 and 2012 more than 3,000 white farmers were killed in South Africa. The report added: "The South African police have not made investigation and prosecution of these farm murders a priority, dismissing them as crimes by common criminals. The government has disbanded the commando units of white farmers that once protected their farms, and has passed laws to confiscate the farmers’ weapons. Disarmament of a targeted group is one of the surest early warning signs of future genocidal killings." This NGO has been one of the few to warn of the incipient genocide that is taking place in South Africa, because as Genocide Watch points out, many do not consider it "politically correct" to pronounce against these racist crimes simply because the victims are white people. And for the sake of that political correctness, the crimes continue to this day, silenced by the media of Western countries.

Racist crimes often accompanied by horrific torture

Whatever the color of a person's skin, any crime with racist motives is just as reprehensible, especially if the circumstances that are occurring in South Africa are present. And these crimes are often accompanied by torture. Here you can read some examples:

The leftist rhetoric that justifies this form of racism

As Francisco José Contreras denounced in an article published on June 30 in Disidentia, the reaction of Western progressivism is to think that South African whites deserve it: "It is the same mechanism that led millions of Europeans to react to 9/11 with a instinctive "the Yankees deserve it!". Which, after any Islamist attack, leads politicians to visit mosques and proclaim that the real danger is Islamophobia." Contreras points out the ideological background behind this perverse vision of the world: "cultural Marxism has triumphed: it has instilled in our subconscious a social map that divides humanity into oppressors and oppressed. The segmental criterion is no longer (only) social class, but sex, race, sexual orientation, religion ... Man bad, woman good. White bad, other races good. "Cis-heteronormative" bad, LGTB good. Christian or Jew bad, any other religion good."

The prestigious liberal-conservative author denounces that what underlies all this is "a tribal collectivism that destroys the individualistic foundations of the liberal state. All blacks are the same black: that is why the brutality suffered by the victim of slavery 200 years ago or racial segregation 50 years ago can now be repaired by offering “positive discrimination” to his great-grandson. All the targets are the same target: for that reason, the injustices of the apartheid orchestrators can be expiated by dismembering their descendants. Sippenhaft, "collective punishment": a concept much loved by the Nazis." Contreras, finally, warns of the consequences that this massive application of the Marxist dialectic can lead to in our society: "When the great settling of accounts ends, the West will be Zimbabwe."


(Foto: AFP - David Harrison. Granjeros blancos protestando por los crímenes racistas que están sufriendo en Sudáfrica, en octubre de 2017)

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