Hooded far-leftitst provoke serious altercations in the city of Trelew

Argentina: Feminists try to burn alive officials and then blame 'patriarchy'

This Sunday the 33rd edition of the National Meeting of Women (ENM) was held in Argentina, a feminist meeting that every year provokes serious disturbances in some Argentine city.

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This year it was the turn of Trelew, a city of 99,000 inhabitants in the Rawson department. A group of far-left feminists, many of them with their faces covered, provoked disturbances, committed vandalism and attacked several places. One of the sites attacked is a bookstore, as reported by the Police Headquarters of the Province of Chubut:

On Saturday, the police detected that groups of women were buying gasoline in bottles, so two gas stations were closed.

The fate of gasoline was known at nightfall. Left-wing feminists attacked the building of the Municipality of Trelew, setting fire to the front door:

They not only attacked the door, but threw the Molotov cocktails into the building, knowing that inside there were City Hall officials, including female police officers who may have been burned alive. Is this how these feminists defend women? You can see the scene in this video, which shows the launch of two Molotov cocktails inside the building and the scenes of panic that caused the attack:

In the confrontations with the violent feminists, six agents were injured, some of them with serious injuries, as in the case of First Sergeant Varela of the Chubut Police. In these photos you can see the stitches that he had to receive in his head.

The Chubut Police has reported that ten of the feminists have been arrested and charged with crimes of aggravated damage, assault, resistance to authority and injuries. However, hours after the arrests, all had been released.

As usual, one of the buildings attacked was a church, in full mass and with people inside. The feminists broke the windows of the doors and, according to the police, painted on the outside.

Among the acts of vandalism committed by the far-left feminists during the ENM are graffitis calling for the abortion of heterosexuality (apparently, now to be a feminist you have to be a lesbian by force):

Feminists do not condemn violent acts and blame 'patriarchy'

As is also the case, the organization of the National Women's Meeting not only has not condemned the violent acts committed by feminists, but has also accused the "patriarchy" for repressing them and has blamed the provincial government and the police for what happened. This is the last straw. Every year the same. The Argentine government has to realize once and for all that these violent encounters can not continue to be authorized, beacause they are organized by groups of fanatics who do not condemn the violence committed by their hooded women. For the rest, is this your idea of defending the rights of women, acting as criminals, trying to burn officials alive and vandalizing a city? Honestly, these feminazis are as repulsive as that evil machismo that they rant so much about.

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