The failure of the decadent social and cultural model of progressive materialism

Some brave men sacrificed themselves to save an Europe that thanks them by committing suicide

Around midnight from June 5 to 6, 1944, 75 years ago, some 24,000 young people with a whole life ahead of them embarked on C-47 Dakota planes to an uncertain destination.

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Spanish communists quote phrases of a dictator and genocide to promote abortion

"For freedom as well as for honor you can and should venture life"

Those young people were paratroopers from the 82nd and 101st Airborne Division of the United States Army. They had left their homes far behind to come to save a Europe trampled by totalitarians. They wanted to live, but they shared a way of thinking that had already been captured by a Spanish writer, Miguel de Cervantes, 329 years earlier in chapter LVIII of the second part of "Don Quixote de la Mancha": "Freedom, Sancho, is one of the most precious gifts that the heavens gave men; with it the treasures that the earth contains nor the sea conceal can not be equaled; for freedom as well as for honor you can and should venture life".

Many of those young people were killed before touching the ground, when their planes were hit by anti-aircraft fire or when they were machine-gunned by the Germans as they descended on their parachutes. Many others would die in the following days and months. On the morning of June 6, 132,000 more brave men crossed the English Channel on boats to assault the beaches of Normandy. The number of casualties was terrible, to such an extent that it was thought that the operation would fail. However, they did not surrender and continued to fight, and thanks to them nazism was defeated and half of Europe could enjoy freedom since then (the other half, under the communist yoke, would have to wait almost half a century to be liberated from oppression).

An example of failure as a society: the suicide of a young Dutch woman

Today I remember those events not only because we are celebrating the 75th anniversary of the Normandy Landings, but also because certain events are taking place in Europe that are worrying me. The last one was news yesterday. A 17-year-old girl, Noa Pothoven, has committed suicide by not being able to overcome the sexual abuse she suffered as a child. The news has come out in the media around the world and has generated a great scandal. It has struck me, especially, that Noa's mother has reported that her daughter should be in a psychiatric center, but those centers have long waiting lists in Netherlands, the country in which that sad news has occurred. A country that in recent decades has strived to be a clear example of the failure of the decadent social model promoted by progressive materialism in Europe.

In the last hours there has been a strong debate in the media about euthanasia. Some progressive media, such as La Sexta, tried to distinguish this case from euthanasia, explaining that it was really a suicide. The difference, broadly speaking, is that in one case doctors kill you because you ask, and in the other you kill yourself with the support of doctors. The result is the same. 11 years ago I published in this blog a post warning of the serious effects of the decriminalization of euthanasia in Netherlands in 1991 (and its subsequent legalization in 2002), noting that in many cases it is applied without even the consent of the patient. Even the UN put the cry in the sky, despite being an organism with an alarming tendency to assume the thesis of the culture of death. I also pointed out that another effect of euthanasia in the Netherlands has been a setback in palliative care. Now, as we can see, carelessness in psychiatric care is also taking place. The conclusion that Holland seems to have drawn is that it is cheaper to get rid of a patient than to take care of him.

A suicide as a society that began killing unborn children

Unfortunately, the one in the Netherlands is not an isolated case: it is also happening in Belgium, in the United Kingdom and in Switzerland. It is sad to see that 75 years later, and despite the fact that many Europeans believe they have reached an ideal world, it is as if we are recovering the Nazis' contempt for human life: remember that the first European country that introduced euthanasia was Hitler's Germany. To this we must add other fronts opened by the culture of death in Europe. The largest of these is abortion, which has become a powerful industry for the destruction of human lives. To give us an idea of ​​its dimensions, in Spain, abortion has killed more than 2.2 million children. The result of this contempt for human life will end up suffering the Spaniards themselves in a few years: Spain is a country increasingly aging and with a demographic crisis that threatens the sustainability of its pension system.

The cultural suicide of Europe: tearing our roots

Given these data, it does not seem exaggerated to conclude that a considerable part of Europe has decided to commit suicide as a society, first ending their unborn children and now going for sick and elderly, to which the State has less and less resources to sustain precisely because of the demographic problems caused by the lack of births. Some people seek to complete this social suicide with cultural suicide, tearing out the Christian roots of Europe without thinking about the consequences and stating that our demographic problem has an easy solution: to bring millions of immigrants from Africa, even if the result is to take them from their countries of origin the human capital necessary to prosper, and although the integration of these immigrants is increasingly complicated by coming from a cultural environment very different from ours: Islam. The result is the formation of ghettos in various countries, where the fuse of Islamic radicalism is easily caught.

It is not strange to read, in the last hours, many progressives in the social media affirming that we must respect the decision of Noa Pothoven, as if making the decision to kill you was something comparable to choosing the color of a shirt or the car you want to buy. The materialist left is still mired in one of the most sinister thesis of communism: that in our society there are many people left over and that it would be desirable to get rid of them. That was one of the ideological motives of the genocide provoked by the Soviets. Europe seems to have forgotten it, and whoever forgets history is condemned to repeat it. That is why it is so necessary that we review our past so as not to make the same mistakes again. For that and also for a duty of gratitude. It is outrageous to think that many thousands of brave men sacrificed themselves to save Europe, and now Europe thanks him for committing suicide, as if she did not care about anything, her life, her culture or all the sacrifices it cost to keep them.

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