An absurd and extremist ideological pamphlet on the website of a state center

Surrealist: a museum links Christianity, scientific method and family with racism

Lately, "anti-racism" is being used as a pretext to spread an ideological discourse contrary to Western culture, reaching surreal extremes.

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A political pamphlet posted on the website of a state museum

American journalist Byron York published a tweet yesterday calling attention to a pamphlet from the National Museum of African American History and Culture, a state museum under the Smithsonian Institute. The pamphlet states: "Whiteness and the normalization of white racial identity throughout America's history have created a culture where nonwhite persons are seen as inferior or abnormal." In addition, he accuses all whites, whether or not they are racist: "If you are white in America, you have benefited from the color of your skin."

Using messages typical of the far-left, the pamphlet of the aforementioned museum states: "How does being white grant certain privileges? How might white people experience oppression through other social identities, e.g., class, gender, sexual orientation, religion, ability, etc.? White people can possess other marginalized parts of their identity, but their race is not one of these." And it adds: "We need to be honest about the ways white people have benefited from racism so we can work toward an equitable, fair and just society."

Below, the pamphlet states: "White supremacy and its legacy can still be found in our legal system and other institutions through coded language and targeted practices. Direct and violent forms of racism that promote white supremacy have been on the rise in recent years. These acts are more directly linked to white nationalism."

The things that pamphlet links to "white nationalism" and racism

Right after that reference to "white nationalism", the pamphlet includes a diagram that criticizes a series of aspects of what qualifies as "white dominant culture", thus associating with racism things like the following:

  • Individualism: the primacy of the individual, self-reliance, independence and autonomy.
  • The "nuclear family" formed by husband, wife and children as "ideal social unit".
  • The "emphasis on the scientific method", including "objective, rational linear thinking".
  • he Judeo-Christian and Western tradition.
  • Christianity, which according to the pamphlet implies an "no tolerance for deviation from single god concept".
  • Holidays based on Christian religions.
  • Respect for authority.
  • Justice based on English common law.

The paradox of criticizing white supremacism and ending up supporting it

In an article published yesterday by the Washington Examiner, Becket Adams branded the pamphlet of that museum as "hostile and insulting," warning that "is administered by the U.S. government." Becket denounces: "The obvious implication here is that nonwhites (blacks, Latinos, Asians, and others) are monolithic, lawless, impolite, selfish, lazy, apathetic, irrational, backwards, dependent, and hopeless. Wait — did a white supremacist design this graphic?"

What is the reason for this self-hatred against Western culture?

As an anti-Spanish black legend had spread for centuries, it seems that now it has been the turn of an anti-western black legend, usually promoted by the political, media and cultural left. It seems that some people only resent that a society has a clear cultural and religious identity if it is Western society. There is no such level of criticism among the left against Islamic societies, in which there is harsh persecution against Christians and other religious minorities. Nor is it criticized that African peoples retain their most ancestral cultures, even when they have characteristics that are hardly compatible with freedom and human dignity.

It is difficult to understand this hatred against the only civilization, the western one, in which freedom, democracy and respect for human rights have firmly taken root, and largely as a result of that Judeo-Christian tradition. Perhaps the hatred that the left professes for it is due precisely to this?


Photo: Andreas Wahra / Wikimedia. Christ Pantocrator in the Cathedral of Cefalù, Sicily (Italy).

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