The billionaire attacks Merkel for not keeping her blackmail to those countries

Victory of Hungary and Poland against the pulse of the EU: George Soros evidences his defeat

Yesterday Hungary and Poland lifted their veto on European budgets after an agreement so that the funds are not conditioned to ideological impositions.

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The Polish Prime Minister considers it a "double victory"

Polish Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki has called the deal a "double victory", according to DoRzeczy. "The bet was 770,000 million zlotys, thanks to which we will be able to develop better and faster and reduce the distance to the richest countries in Europe. But there was also a second key bet: the fair execution of the law in the spirit of the sovereignty of the EU Member States. The right to do so so that we can decide for ourselves what our homeland should be like. And today we have achieved both objectives!", Morawiecki commented, noting that what his government did was "block a wrong and unfair mechanism that could lead to the withdrawal of funds from Poland."

Hungarian Prime Minister: "D-Day was a success"

Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán commented from Brussels: "Common sense won out. We protect the money of the Hungarians." The Magyar president added: "We have defended the interests of Hungary, D-Day was a success!" Orbán and Morawiecki discussed the agreement in a joint press conference, which once again reflected the historic twinning between their two Nations.

Viktor Orbán and Mateusz Morawiecki celebrating their victory in Brussels yesterday after the agreement with the EU.

A victory that many Europeans celebrate

Certainly, the governments of Hungary and Poland have reason to be happy, but not only they, but also many Europeans from other Nations, since the veto of both countries was directed against a blackmail that sought to impose ideological conditions - among them the acceptance of abortion and gender ideology - to receive European funds.

George Soros' anger at the victory of Hungary and Poland

One of the main losers after the agreement reached yesterday is the Hungarian billionaire George Soros, a financial speculator who is now dedicated to financing movements of the left, abortionists and in favor of mass immigration. Asserting his enormous influence in the European Union, which was already reflected two years ago in the Sargentini report against Hungary (promoted by left-wing politicians and entities linked to the billionaire), Soros pressed the EU against Hungary and Poland, in a new attempt of undermining national sovereignty to impose his ideological agenda.

Yesterday, from the Project-Syndicate website, Soros accused Merkel of surrendering to Hungary and Poland, stating that the agreement reached between the EU and these two nations "is the worst of all possible worlds." Soros attributes the loan of the German prime minister to the fact that he "is approaching retirement, in September 2021" and that French President Emmanuel Macron was "temporarily distracted by the problem of secularism." He also talks about Merkel's fear that Hungary would announce her intention to leave the EU under her control: "According to reports, that is what Orbán was preparing to do in recent days."

Abascal: "All Europeans are indebted to Hungary and Poland"

That Soros is so upset with this Hungarian-Polish deal with the EU is a very good sign. The best summary of the situation was given yesterday by the president of Vox party Santiago Abascal from Spain: "All Europeans are indebted to Hungary and Poland. By defending their sovereignty, they have defended the sovereignty of all nations against the impositions of the progressive agenda." I warmly appreciate the firmness that Hungary and Poland have shown in the face of EU blackmail, and I welcome their victory yesterday. It is a demonstration that the advance of leftist impositions can be halted, and a call for Europe not to be built by trampling on the national sovereignty of its member countries.

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