The attackers also stole phones and musical instruments to some children

Far-left feminists set fire to a church while the parishioners attended a mass

The far-left is taking its christianophobia to increasingly dangerous extremes, using slogans such as "the only church that illuminates is the one that burns."

Christianphobic terrorism in Chile: left-wing extremists set fire to two Catholic churches
Feminists attacked Catholic centers in several cities in Spain on March 8 but no mosques

The events occurred on the occasion of a pro-abortion demonstration

These incitements to burn churches have already led to arson attacks against Catholic churches in several countries, events that deserve to be classified as outright terrorism. An especially serious attack occurred in Colombia last week. The events occurred on September 28, when far-left feminist groups had called marches in favor of the legalization of prenatal murder in several cities of the country.

The attack began when the mass was about to end

In Medellín, the abortion march passed in front of the Church of San Ignacio de Loyola, a temple with 200 years of history and that is part of the artistic heritage of that city. According to the newspaper El Colombiano, the attack began at 6:30 p.m., when the 6:00 p.m. mass was about to end. When communion was being distributed, a group of one hundred feminists arrived at the Plazuela de San Ignacio, where the temple is located, shouting and heading towards the church. Upon seeing the scene, some parishioners closed the doors of the temple to prevent the entry of feminist protesters.

Feminists tried to storm the temple and set the gate on fire

The enclosure was closed with about 50 Catholic parishioners inside. At that time, feminist protesters began to paint the stone walls and wooden doors of the historic temple, without respecting either the sacred place itself or the artistic heritage it represents. Finally, the far-leftists tried to storm the temple, tearing off the bars located in front of the main entrance and setting fire to one of the wooden doors. In this video you can see the state of the church after the attack:

Panic among parishioners: "people thought they were going to burn it"

"There was a lot of panic, because as they began to burn the doors, people thought they were going to burn it," says the parish priest, Guillermo Zuluaga, who points out that the smoke and the smell of burned wood accumulated inside the temple. In order to avoid a tragedy, some of the parishioners emptied several fire extinguishers underneath and on the inside of the door, preventing the flames from spreading inside the church. After new attacks by feminists, the temple could be evacuated through the access of the parish office.

Feminists had planned to attack several churches

Not satisfied with this attack, at eleven o'clock at night, another abortionist group went to the parish to do more graffiti, causing even more damage to the church. According to Gaudium Press, the parish priest has calculated the damage at 20 million pesos, and has indicated that the burned door was a hundred years old, and the painted walls are 200 years old. According to El Colombiano published on Friday, in statements to that medium one of the protesters has acknowledged that they had plans to attack several churches. Until now, none of the organizations that called these marches has condemned this serious attack against the Church of San Ignacio de Loyola.

They also stole mobile phones and musical instruments from some children

According to Noticias Caracol, the Church of San Ignacio de Loyola was not the only target of this group of feminist criminals. They also attacked public buses and a Metroplus station, the city's public transport system, breaking the glass with sticks and stones. In addition, at another point in the march, the protesters also stole mobile phones and various musical instruments from children of the Medelín school network, just before a presentation: "The instruments that were stolen were a traverse flute, a trumpet and a trombone, in addition to all their belongings, cell phones. We call on the community not to sell these instruments," asked Natalia Rojas, director of the Miraflores music school.


Main photo: Ana Esneida Quintero.

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