They died as a result of the Russian attack on a maternity hospital in Mariupol

Farewell to a mother and her baby, victims of Kremlin aggression and disinformation

The Russian invasion of Ukraine has been targeting civilian targets for days, in an attempt to sow terror among the Ukrainian population.

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The Russian attack on a maternity hospital in Mariupol

Within the framework of this strategy, which aims to destroy the spirit of defense of the Ukrainian people by instilling fear and pain, last Wednesday, March 9, the Russians attacked a mother and child hospital in Mariupol, a town surrounded by the Russian Army and which is suffering a humanitarian catastrophe. On Saturday I showed you this photo of two of the victims: a Ukrainian mother and the unborn baby she was carrying.

In this video you can see more images of this mother and others who were in that maternity:

The Associated Press agency reported today that this mother and her baby have died. In a news item published on her website, she relates what happened:

"The woman was rushed to another hospital, yet closer to the frontline, where doctors labored to keep her alive. Realizing she was losing her baby, medics said, she cried out to them, “Kill me now!” Surgeon Timur Marin found the woman’s pelvis crushed and hip detached. Medics delivered the baby via cesarean section, but it showed “no signs of life,” the surgeon said. Then, they focused on the mother. “More than 30 minutes of resuscitation of the mother didn’t produce results,” Marin said Saturday. “Both died.”"

The crude campaign of the Kremlin and its propagandists to deny the facts

As I pointed out on Saturday, Russian diplomacy denied the facts and branded the photos of mothers released after the attack as montage. Both the Russian government and its propaganda organs have been lying and intoxicating for months. First they denied the attack when it was already planned and ordered, and now they deny the damage it is causing while dedicating themselves to attacking civilian targets, attacks on which there is already an immense amount of evidence.

Despite this evidence, both the Kremlin and its legions of trolls and bot farms are dedicated to denying everything and even making fun of the facts, in a miserable attempt to cover up the war crimes that Russia is committing against the Ukrainian people, or at least sowing doubt among people less receptive to believing the Kremlin's lies. In the networks, the action of Russian propagandists and their sympathizers is reaching unprecedented levels of inhumanity and mendacity. Russia is promoting one of the most serious disinformation campaigns that have been seen in a long time, and the last straw is that many of those who collaborate with it, actively or passively, are often people who believe that all the other media they manipulate, and that the only one that tells the truth is a cruel dictatorship that systematically lies and that is imposing the strictest censorship in Russia so that its own citizens do not know what the Russian military is doing in Ukraine.

That mother and her baby have not only been victims of Russian aggression, but also of its disinformation campaign, and all those who dedicate themselves to spreading the Kremlin's lies, denying the facts, insulting those who give them to knowing and even mocking those misfortunes. Both of them today have their hands stained with the innocent blood of that mother and her baby. If the Justice of this world does not achieve it, rest assured that divine Justice will make you pay.


Photo: AP.

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