The government of Spain is a real swamp in ethical and moral terms

The moral misery of the left: controversy over menstruation but not over a crime

The left in general, and the socialists and communists in particular, intend to impose their ideological dogmas on the whole of society. Aberrant dogmas.

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Proof of this is what happened in Spain in the last few hours. Last Tuesday it was announced that next week the Ministry of Equality, in the hands of the communist Irene Montero, will take to the Council of Ministers a reform of the abortion law to further unprotect the right to life of unborn children in Spain. This reform also threatens to create blacklists of doctors who refuse to collaborate in this crime.

Yes, crime, because a human being is from conception, as science shows, and therefore to abort is to end a human life. And whatever the pro-abortion people may be, killing an innocent defenseless human being is not a right nor is it a medical act: it is a crime. It is scandalous and outrageous that a government is dedicated to promoting a crime against the weakest members of our own species. But that a crime is promoted from the communist ranks is no longer something new: there are more than 100 million precedents.

The curious thing about the case is that this reform of the abortion law has generated controversy in the Spanish government, between its socialist faction and its communist faction. The socialists reject the reform because it contemplates sick leave for women due to painful menstruation, and they consider that this is a way of stigmatizing women. This Thursday the controversy moved to the media and social networks, with opinions in one direction or another, which contribute to sharpening the division in the coalition government.

This controversy reveals, once again, the moral misery of the left. They fight for a loss due to menstruation, but they fully agree to protect and promote a crime against the most innocent and defenseless, who are the unborn boys and girls. And I do the gender splitting, unnecessary when speaking in Spanish, to remind pro-abortion feminists who are promoting the slaughter of tens of thousands of unborn girls in Spain every year in the name of feminism. It's as disgusting as if the Ku Klux Klan had called their harassment against the black community "anti-racist attacks".

A government that unprotects the right to live of the most vulnerable, that finances abortion with public money but denies all help to mothers who want to give birth, that calls a vile murder "right" and that insults those of us who defend the right to live of these unborn girls and boys, is a totalitarian government that should be judged for promoting crime instead of fighting it. And for promoting, to put it another way, the most cowardly crime imaginable: the one whose victims are those who cannot defend themselves and do not even have a voice to ask for help. What we have in the government of Spain is a real swamp in ethical and moral terms. What socialism and communism have always been, everything must be said.



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