Hours later, pro-abortion activists protested against the judge outside his home

Spanish media hide an attempt to murder a pro-life judge in the USA

The sectarian use of the media to favor certain ideologies and harm others is already reaching its most unusual extreme in Spain.

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The detainee could be sentenced to 20 years in prison for attempted murder

Last Wednesday, June 8, an armed individual was arrested near the home of Judge Brett Kavanaugh, a member of the United States Supreme Court, who was nominated by then President Donald Trump. The detainee is Nicholas John Roske and faces a possible sentence of 20 years in prison for attempted murder. A very serious fact but that many media have silenced, including the vast majority of Spanish media. Among the few Spanish media that have reported on this assassination attempt are Infocatólica, Hispanidad, Religión en Libertad and El Español.

How to report an attempted murder without using the verb 'murder'

In addition, the Spanish agency Europa Press published the information omitting the attempted murder in its headline (in fact, the verb "murder" does not appear conjugated anywhere in the news, despite the fact that it appears in the charges filed against the detainee). The omission is shocking when reading this paragraph of the news: "The detainee, a 20-year-old man from California, on the West Coast of the United States, has assured the Police that his objective was to end Kavanaugh's life after a Supreme Court draft was published that points to the possibility of annulling the right to abortion."

Interestingly, although many Spanish media outlets are affiliated with Europa Press news, none of them have published this information. Would things have changed if Europa Press had titled that it is an assassination attempt on a Supreme Court judge?

Hours later, pro-abortion activists demonstrated against the judge outside his home

This news comes in the midst of a harassment campaign by the pro-abortion lobby against the Supreme Court, which has resulted in a campaign of threats and harassment against the pro-life judges who make it up after it was leaked that they will soon approve a sentence in favor of the abolition of abortion in the US. In fact, despite knowing about that arrest on the same day, hours later pro-abortion activists demonstrated in front of the judge's home, in a new act of pressure and signaling against that magistrate.

Kavanaugh was already the victim of a brutal media lynching in 2018

It must be remembered that in 2018, during his nomination, Kavanaugh and his family were victims of a creeping lynching by the media left, for the mere fact of being Catholic, conservative and pro-life. It was a modern version of the old witch hunts, in an obvious attempt to prevent a person from accessing the Supreme Court if he does not accept the ideological dogmas of the left and the pro-abortion lobby. Fortunately, that lynching campaign failed and Kavanaugh was able to be appointed to the Supreme Court. His vote is now very important to end a scourge such as the murder of unborn children, which has destroyed the lives of 63 million innocent people in the US since its legalization in 1973.


Photo: AFP. Judge Brett Kavanaugh.

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