They defended slavery with violence: now they do the same with abortion

Abortion: the new Ku Klux Klan that emerges in the US and again with the same party behind it

We recently saw the parallel between slavery and abortion in the United States, two scourges with the same political promoter: the Democratic Party.

USA: the arrival of the abolition of an atrocity as deep-rooted and inhuman as slavery was
A governor of the Democratic Party defends infanticide and provokes controversy in the US

The slaveholding and racist past of the Democratic Party

In that article I already pointed out that the Democratic Party was dominant in the slave states of the South, while the Republican Party was dominant in the abolitionist states of the North. It was a Republican president, Lincoln, who promoted the abolition of slavery throughout the country. Likewise, there are facts that many ignore, such as the fact that the first senator, the first congressman and the first governor of black race in the US were Republicans (Hiram Rhodes Revels, Joseph Hayne Rainey and Oscar James Dunn, respectively). The Democratic Party attacked the Republican Party by presenting it as the party of blacks, in a derogatory way.

In fact, until well into the 20th century, the Democratic Party continued to support racial segregation, with episodes as shameful as the refusal of Democratic President Franklin D. Roosevelt to receive the black athlete Jesse Owens, upon his return to the United States as a great champion of the Berlin Olympics in 1936, but he did receive the white athletes who had participated in them. Owens ended up joining the Republican Party soon after.

The founding of the Ku Klux Klan and its ties to the Democratic Party

A few months after the end of the Civil War (1861-1865), and while proceeding to the approval of the Thirteenth and Fourteenth Amendments of the US Constitution, which abolished slavery and granted US nationality to all those born in the US Regardless of race, the Ku Klux Klan (KKK) was founded in Tennessee, a racist organization that came to be considered the armed wing of the Democratic Party, to which many of its members belonged. It was the same role played by other similar groups that emerged later, such as the Red Shirts.

The role of the KKK was not that of a mere pressure group. The Klan used violence and murder to attack Republican candidates in the South and blacks, in its first era until its outlawing in 1870 (in the second era, it also included Jews and Catholics in its attacks). As such, the KKK acted in the purest style of a mafia organization, causing the situation of many black communities in the Southern States to remain, in practice, very similar to what it had been before the war. The Democratic Party benefited from this violence to regain control of the Southern States, which it maintained until the second half of the 20th century.

Wave of leftist bullying in the US to defend prenatal murder

That was what happened after the abolition of a cruel and inhumane institution, slavery, supported by the Democratic Party. Now the US is preparing for the abolition of another cruel and inhuman institution: induced abortion, with a Supreme Court ruling that was recently leaked by a pro-abortion media. The leak has given rise to a wave of leftist bullying against Supreme Court justices, with demonstrations even outside their homes by pro-abortion extremists, to the point that Judge Samuel Alito and his family have had to leave their home and be taken to a safe place.

The White House and the Democratic Party encourage violent extremists

We are facing a wave of violence encouraged by the Democratic Party, whose congressmen have blocked additional security measures for harassed judges, and by the White House, which has supported these protests outside the judges' homes, in the most serious attack suffered by the Judicial Power at the hands of the Executive Power in the United States since the time of the also Democrat Franklin D. Roosevelt.

A mayor of the Democratic Party makes a "call to arms"

But the Democratic Party is not just encouraging violence, but something worse. A few days ago, the Democratic mayor of Chicago, Lori Lightfoot, made a "call to arms" against the Supreme Court ruling that seeks to abolish the legalization of prenatal murder approved by that same Court in 1973. It is scandalous that an authority calls directly to an armed insurrection against a court ruling.

Paradoxically, Lightfoot is of the black race, that is to say, a descendant of those whom her own party considered for a century to be second-class human beings, denying them their status as persons and their human rights just as she now denies them to the unborn boys and girls. The most amazing thing is that in Europe, the big media have hidden this very serious incitement to armed rebellion. Imagine what it would have been like if any Republican politician had said that.

Threats and attacks on pro-life groups and the Catholic Church

At the same time, pro-life groups and Catholic temples are receiving threats, attacks on their headquarters and even violent assaults. Last week in New York, a group of pro-abortion fanatics threatened to burn down and bomb a Catholic church. This campaign of violence has its clear precedent in the campaign of far-left terrorism that preceded the last presidential elections in the US. That campaign was a clear warning that the American left is not willing to respect the democratic rules of the game. It is alarming to see that, so many years later, the Democratic Party is once again encouraging violence to protect a cruel and inhumane institution. To prevent the abolition of abortion they are doing the same thing they did to try to stop the abolition of slavery.


Photo: Visa Pour l'Image.

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