They divert millionaire sums that should serve to protect the victims

Left-wing and feminism: revealing a political business whose aim is not to protect women

For years, every time the failure of communism has been demonstrated in any part of the world, the response of the communists is always the same.

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A left-wing incapable of recognizing its failures

Basically, the discourse of the extreme left consists in making us believe that if communism has failed it is because it was not implemented sufficiently. In other words, for the communists the solution to the failure of communism is more communism. In other words, more oppression, more trampling on private property and more repression of those who resist. They will never admit their mistake. The blame for their failures always rests with others.

The nonsense of wanting to fight a crime ideologically prejudging its causes

With the fight against the so-called "gender violence" the same thing happens. The left invented this term to judge cases of violence against women a priori, interpreting them as a sign of oppression by men. Do you think it is an exaggerated analysis? Just read the Spanish law on gender violence of 2004, promoted by the socialists of the PSOE, whose preamble defines "gender violence" as "a manifestation of historically unequal power relations between women and men".

When investigating any murder, one of the challenges for investigators is to find out the motive for the crime, that is, the motive that led the criminal to commit that act. To some it may seem irrelevant, but this information is very important when it comes to fighting crime, since it is not the same to fight a series of crimes that have sentimental causes, that are motivated by revenge, that have sexual causes, that are the result of mental alienation, the result of a fight or even that have occurred accidentally or in legitimate defense. To seriously combat a crime, you must know its cause.

However, in crimes that are labeled as "gender violence", the cause of the crime is prejudged without taking the facts into account and classified as a sign of oppression of women. In fact, these types of crimes are the only ones that are prejudged by system in criminal law. In all other crimes, the motives are known as a result of an investigation. If there is an exception in "gender" crimes, it is because the left has decided that there is nothing to investigate in this type of act . It is something as absurd as if every murder of a Spaniard at the hands of a foreigner is classified as a crime of "Hispanophobia", without bothering to investigate the real causes of it.

Injuring equality before the law and the presumption of innocence

Obviously, the problem of not investigating the real motives for a type of crime is that there is no one to combat them effectively. What's more: prejudge crimes and establish criminal legislation that criminalizes men for the fact of being one (in Spain the aforementioned law on "gender violence" establishes different penalties depending on the sex of the perpetrator of a crime, a legal aberration that clashes with the constitutional right to equality before the law). What's more: the presumption of innocence of men is systematically violated, a constitutional right against which famous feminists have attacked claiming that women always have to be believed, as if they were incapable of lying.

A wicked and corrupt system whose purpose is not to protect women

The result is a true legal nonsense in which the judicial system ends up rejecting the vast majority of complaints by archiving, by dismissal or because they are false complaints. However, this violation of the presumption of innocence of the man has served for the complaints of gender violence to be something frequent in divorce proceedings, as a means to obtain advantages for the woman, although in reality the male has not committed any abuse. This is how a perverse and corrupt system is generated whose purpose is not to protect battered women (of course there are, and many of them), but to generate a war of the sexes in the same way that the left wanted once promoted a class struggle. They have changed the old scheme of proletarians against the bourgeoisie for women against men to maintain a political business that is nourished by large public subsidies.

The harsh reality that the discourse of the left-wing tries to cover

Bearing in mind that it is impossible to combat a crime effectively if its causes are prejudged on openly false ideological premises, the question that should be asked is: did the left really want to protect women? For years, the left has sold a utopian discourse in which it talks about the eradication of "patriarchy" and "machismo" in the same unreal key in which the old Marxism spoke of the eradication of social classes. But let us remember that all communist dictatorships have reproduced that class scheme that they said they wanted to eradicate, with the communist elite occupying the place previously occupied by the bourgeoisie. The discourse of the left is completely unrealistic: unfortunately, there will always be abuse, murders, robberies, fraud and other crimes, and anyone who tells you otherwise is totally far from reality.

The existence of crimes is not the result of any form of oppression of one class against another or of one sex against another. If crimes exist, it is because evil exists, that which leads us to harm another person to obtain something in return. And there are also mental problems and states of alienation that lead to committing crimes , and there is no ideological agenda capable of eradicating that. What a State can do is try to prevent crimes and punish criminals, but eradicating all crimes is a utopia.

A political business that diverts money that should serve to protect the victims

The problem comes when unscrupulous people appear in society who try to do business with that utopia , making society believe that they have a magic wand to eradicate crimes. A true political industry has been generated around "gender violence" that moves millions of dollars in subsidies, a fortune of which only a small part is used to protect women, if that is really the case. the real end of many grant organizations that claim to fight for women. Obviously, spraying millions to these entities and infringing fundamental rights does not make the murders of women disappear. The only thing this is useful for is to continue generating a political industry that diverts more and more public funds from the purpose for which they should be destined: to protect women -and also any man, child or elderly person- who have been victims of ill-treatment.

Let's look at two examples. In 2019 it became known that only 9% of the subsidies from the Spanish government to feminist groups serve to cover victims of abuse, subsidies that are around 30 million euros a year. That same year it was also learned that only 3% of the grants from the Andalusian Women's Institute go to victims of abuse. We are talking about an entity that in 2018 managed a budget of 43 million euros. All this, in addition, while all kinds of legal and economic incentives are generated to file false complaints that end up saturating the courts and preventing them from offering effective help to women who suffer abuse.

A failure that leftist feminism refuses to acknowledge: it's its business

As has happened so many times, leftist feminism will never acknowledge the failure of its policies, among other things because acknowledging it would make them lose an enormous source of income at the expense of the taxes that all citizens pay. Instead of that, its recipe will always be more subsidies and more infringed rights in the search for an impossible goal such as the disappearance of crime. This creates the same vicious circle as with communism: if communism fails, its solution is more communism. An absolutely cynical political agenda and incapable of recognizing any error in its approach.

Some may think that it is legitimate to try and that it is worth all that enormous sacrifice of money and fundamental rights without saving some women. What they do not think is that very possibly more women could be saved if the astronomical amounts dedicated to this political business were dedicated to truly protecting the victims. And it is that the unscrupulous people who live from that business they are not protecting women: on the contrary: they are getting rich from the money that should be used to protect victims of abuse.


Photo: Francisco Seco

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