The scarce parity of the numbers of men and women killed in that shipwreck

The "toxic masculinity" and the Titanic: some data that contradicts feminist theses

One of the central ideas of gender feminism is that men oppress women, an oppression that would include abuse and murder.

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A culture that has gone above and beyond to protect women

Based on this thesis that transfers the Marxist dogma of the class struggle to the sexes,gender feminism has coined a term, "toxic masculinity", with which it summarizes everything bad that it sees in men, which is almost everything that characterizes them as such. However, contradicting that ideological thesis that tries to pit half of humanity against the other half, there are plenty of historical facts that show that men, traditionally, have done their utmost to care for and protect women.

Without going any further, historically it has been men who have gone to war. Feminism has twisted this fact by presenting men as the cause of wars, as if all the male sex agreed to devastate humanity and harm women. The reality is that only men went because women were considered more essential to society than men, being the only ones capable of fathering children and thus guaranteeing the survival of the species (in addition to because they have, on average, less physical strength). This has been the case since the dawn of time.

"Women and children first"

Another common fact that indicates the preference for women (and children) when it comes to saving lives is disasters. The popular expression "women and children first" summarizes the priority of men when it comes to keeping people safe. We could review many historical examples in which this maxim has been repeated, but there is one that is very revealing and representative of all of them: the Titanic shipwreck. Precisely on this issue, the Ecuadorian university professor Mamela Fiallo has written a Twitter message addressing those numbers.

The death toll for each sex in the sinking of the Titanic

The Wikipedia compiles the data on passengers by sex, taken from from the book "Titanic: Women and Children First" by Judith Geller, in which total passenger figures by gender were published. The data is very revealing:

  • In first class, 4 women died (2.8% of the total of the 144 in that class) and 118 men (67.4% of the 175 traveling in that class), in addition to one child (16.7% of the 6 who were in that class).
  • In second class, 13 women (14.4% of the 93 in that class) and 154 men (91.7% of 168) died. The 24 children who were in second class managed to survive.
  • In third class, 89 women (53.9% of 165) and 387 men (83.8% of 462) died, as well as 52 children (65.8% of 79).
  • In total, 106 of the 402 women on board (26.4%) and 659 of the 805 men (81.9%) died, in addition to 53 of the 109 children (48 .6%).

Of the 1,316 passengers on the ship, 818 died (62.2%), a percentage that contrasts with the number of women killed in each of the ship's classes. The image of the young Leonardo DiCaprio putting Kate Winslet to safety on a board, at the cost of freezing to death in the cold waters of the Atlantic, was a fictional addition from the movie "Titanic" (1999) to the real story, but it symbolizes very well what happened in that and other shipwrecks. It is a situation that has occurred many times in history, but that gender feminism ignores simply because it spoils its anti-masculine discourse.

What would feminists do in the face of a shipwreck like that today?

One wonders what would happen today if a similar situation occurred. Do you think any feminist would demand volunteers willing to drown for the sake of gender parity? Would they call men who wanted to save women before themselves "sexist pigs"? Throughout history, for any man it has been and is a great dishonor to try to save himself before a woman, especially if it is a person close to him. Women have always had preference. And this is what gender feminism today calls "toxic masculinity".

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