Polish Prime Minister criticizes Berlin's obstructionism with Leopard 2 tanks

Mateusz Morawiecki: “Ukraine and Europe will win this war, with or without Germany”

Germany's refusal to transfer Leopard 2 tanks to Ukraine, or even to allow other countries to transfer theirs, has been contested by Poland.

Poland's hard reproach to France and Germany for their lukewarm attitude towards Russia
Poland's accurate warnings on Russia in 2021, ignored by the EU, and the one it launches now

"What more does Germany need to open its eyes?"

For months now, Poland has been the country that has donated the most tanks to Ukraine so far: hundreds of T-72s of Soviet origin and its modernized Polish version, the PT-91 Twardy. Poland also has Leopard 2 of various types (Leopard 2A4, 2A5 and 2PL) and has been willing to donate some of them to Ukraine, but needs permission from the German government to transfer them and has met with the Berlin blockade on shipping.

In statements collected by the Polska Agencja Prasowa, Polish Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki has stated: "Almost a year had passed since the outbreak of war... Evidence of the Russian army's war crimes can be seen on television and on YouTube. What more does Germany need to open its eyes and start to act in line with the potential of the German state?"

"Berlin should not weaken or sabotage the activities of other countries"

Morawiecki has pointed out that Germany would not have to activate all its resources, since only a small percentage would be progress: "Above all, Berlin should not weaken or sabotage the activities of other countries." Morawiecki recalled that Poland and the Poles have done a lot to help Ukraine, in terms of military support, aid to refugees and diplomatic efforts. The Polish Prime Minister has pointed out that Poland has worked closely with the US and had created a coalition of European states to support Ukraine, but when things started to go better in terms of heavy weapons for Ukraine, "Germany steps in a raises doubts."

The lukewarm position of Germany and France with Putin's Russia

The position of Germany and France regarding the invasion of Ukraine has been marked by the lukewarmness of Emmanuel Macron and Olaf Scholz towards Russia. Both countries have given priority for years to good relations with Putin's Russia over any other consideration. Recall that Germany and France opposed Ukraine's NATO membership in 2008, a veto that facilitated Russia's 2014 annexation of Ukraine. In the current invasion that began on February 24, 2022, and despite the usual leading role played by Germany and France in the European Union, Poland has been the EU country that has taken the initiative the most to support Ukraine, together with the Baltic republics, Slovakia and the Czech Republic and with the support of the United States and the United Kingdom. The obstructionist policy of the Scholz government is generating serious discomfort among those countries.

"They hoped they would tame the Russian bear with generous contracts", Morawiecki says

"The enemy is in the East and we're wasting time on discussions that yield nothing good", denounced Morawiecki. The Polish prime minister has pointed out that Germany had fallen into a trap of its own creation through a years-long policy of seeking closer ties with Moscow: "They hoped they would tame the Russian bear with generous contracts", he pointed out, adding that Germany's policy towards Russia has failed - something that has been observed especially in the energy field - and "until today it has been difficult for Germany to admit error."

"Ukraine and Europe will win this war, with or without Germany"

Morawiecki has also noted that he has incessantly appealed to Olaf Scholz to take decisive action, as Germany is a powerful country both economically and militarily: "I try to weigh my words, but I'll say it bluntly. Ukraine and Europe will win this war - with or without Germany", Morawiecki said, adding that it was up to Berlin to join the mission to stop Russian barbarism or to watch passively, condemning itself to be on the wrong side of the history. And I just add: one more time.


Photo: Polska Agencja Prasowa.

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