She was fined for her firm defense of a Cross in Callosa de Segura in 2018

Farewell to Teresa Agulló, a brave woman who challenged the Christianophobic left

History is full of brave and simple people who decided to act against evil instead of remaining passive and indifferent.

Yesterday Lithuania, today Spain: they form a great cross to remember the one demolished by socialists
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One of those people was Teresa Agulló, a devout Catholic and resident of Callosa de Segura (Alicante). She lived in the Plaza de España, in front of the Church of San Martín Obispo, next to which for 77 years there was a Cross that was erected in 1941. Yesterday, the Citizen Platform in Defense of the Cross of Callosa announced the death of Teresa Agulló. "She was a courageous believer who stood on the front lines of battle from the very beginning, despite the constant trickle of fines. From the vantage point of her balcony, she reminded us of celebration after celebration with the projection of the beam of light from the Cross, encouraging us to continue in the fight."

The residents of Callosa de Segura who came to defend the Cross of the Church of San Martín against the plan of the socialist municipal government to tear it down.

Teresa became a well-known person in Spain as a result of a story that began at the end of 2016, the socialist mayor tried to tear down that Cross and hundreds of residents came to defend it. Then began a mobilization that lasted more than a year. Finally, at the end of January 2018, the socialist mayor ordered the Local Police to surround that square and tore down the Cross.

What happened in Callosa de Segura was another episode of the fanatical Christianophobia of the Spanish left-wing, a hatred of Christianity that socialists and communists have been promoting for more than a century and which had its bloodiest chapter in the brutal religious persecution unleashed during the Spanish Civil War.

After the demolition of the Cross, Teresa made headlines for lending her apartment to place a spotlight and project a Cross of light on the Church of San Martín, evoking the Cross demolished on the left of that town. With the same fanaticism with which she had demolished that stone Cross, the municipal government launched to eliminate the Cross of light as well . First, he did it by projecting a light that canceled out the powerful spotlight in Teresa's apartment, and since this neighbor did not give up, the mayor ended up imposing a fine of 725 euros on that neighbor , under the accusation of "carrying out audiovisual advertising activities without the corresponding administrative authorization." It was an absolute fraud of the law that manipulated the General Law on Advertising, which defines advertising as any form of communication for commercial purposes.

The Cross of light projected onto the Church of San Martín de Callosa from Teresa Agulló's apartment, in the place occupied by the stone Cross demolished by the municipal government (Photo: Plataforma Ciudadana en Defensa de la Cruz).

In this way, the arrogant attitude of that socialist municipal government ended up mixing Christianophobic fanaticism with political corruption, two characteristics that have been linked for decades to the party of the then mayor, the PSOE. In addition to having the support of the Platform Citizen in Defense of the Cross, formed by residents of Callosa, the Spanish Association of Christian Lawyers came to her support. Vox party leader Javier Ortega Smith traveled to Callosa to express his support, and in October 2018, awarded one of its annual awards to that brave woman.

A year after that exhibition of bullying, the left lost the elections in that municipality. The Popular Party (PP) candidate, who had promised to restore the demolished Cross, he became mayor. In February 2022, the Bishop of Alicante asked the mayor to replace the cross. Four years later, the mayor of the PP has still not fulfilled his promise, something that is already typical of his party.

Teresa has passed away at the age of 87, waiting for that Cross to return to its place, a Cross that was brought down by the hatred and fanaticism of the Christianophobic left. The Citizen Platform in Defense of the Cross of Callosa remembered these words from Teresa yesterday:

"For all those who are indifferent, despite agreeing and who sit by our side, but opt for an equidistant and cowardly attitude by staying out of the conflict we are experiencing, I am sending you a loud and clear message: I tell you that with your belligerent attitude, you have only achieved one thing: that with each passing day we remain more steadfast in our faith and in the fight for Christian values and our great universal symbol: the Cross of Christ."

Thank you from the bottom of my heart, Teresa, for having been an example of courage in the face of anti-Christian fanaticism. Rest in peace.


Main photo: Objetivo Digital.

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