The double standards of many politicians and media with certain crimes again

A trans woman murders six Christians and the taboo on Christianophobia is still maintained

This Monday six people - including three children - were killed in an attack on a Presbyterian Christian school in Nashville, USA.

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The author of the crimes was a transgender woman and wrote a manifesto

The author of the attack was killed by the Police. The killer's name was Audrey Hale and she was a transsexual woman (meaning she was born a woman but considered herself a man). In addition, the Police have found a manifesto written by the perpetrator of those murders. These are the names and ages of the people killed in that attack:

  • Evelyn Dieckhaus, 9 years old.
  • Hallie Scruggs, 9 years old.
  • William Kinney, 9 years old.
  • Mike Hill, custodian, 61 years old.
  • Cynthia Peak, substitute teacher, 61 years old.
  • Katherine Koonce, school head, 60 years old.

The controversy generated in Tennessee by the left and LGBT groups

This crime has been committed in the midst of a controversy provoked by the American left and LGBT pressure groups around the rule signed on March 2 by Tennessee Governor, Republican Bill Lee, banning shows with sexual content directed at children. The measure had been interpreted by the left as an attack on transgender people and, specifically, on drag queens' shows aimed at children.

This controversy is reminiscent of what happened in Europe with the anti-pedophilia laws in Poland and Hungary, laws harshly criticized by supporters of gender ideology (among them, the majority of the deputies of the European Parliament). As was the case then in Europe, some media have been fueling a lack of controversy and attacking the state of Tennessee for protecting children. A campaign that must be remembered, given its possible relationship with the attack perpetrated yesterday against that Christian school in Nashville.

Double standards when it comes to qualifying one and the other attacks

One of the most striking things in the treatment that many media have given to this attack is the enormous difference to what happened, for example, in the Islamist attack in Orlando in 2016, in which a jihadist assassinated 50 people and injured 53 in an attack on a gay club. So, many politicians and the media cried out against homophobia and intolerance in the hours following the attack.

Now, when a transsexual woman attacks a Christian school and murders three children and three adults, how many will cry out against Christianophobia and against intolerance? I have been reviewing the news published since yesterday and not a single one has reference to those terms. It is as if for most of the media Christianophobia is a taboo subject, something that should not be discussed under any circumstances, not even in front of massacres like those suffered by Christians in Nigeria.

Serious wave of leftist violence in the United States

On the other hand, some very alarming events are taking place among the American left, with little to no controversy. In September 2022, in North Dakota, an 18-year-old man was struck and killed because the hit man thought he was a "republican extremist". How many media have published that news in the US or outside that country? That same month, in Michigan, a pro-life woman was shot and killed by abortion supporters. Again, how many outlets reported on it?

In August, a Catholic church was shot at in the Denver area, Texas. Likewise, since January last year, there have been over 260 attacks on pro-life individuals and venues in the US by pro-abortion extremists. Two weeks ago, the famous actress Jane Fonda incited murder against pro-lifers on a television show, and those who were there even laughed at it. The US is experiencing a wave of leftist fanaticism that is growing more and more, and instead of denouncing it, what many media outlets do is silence it. Will they talk about it now that there are already six people killed, or not even then?


Main photo: Audrey Hale, the perpetrator of yesterday's six murders in Nashville, in a photo posted by herself on social media.

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