Finland joins the Alliance and it doubles its border with the Russian Federation

The Kremlin documents proving Putin's failure against NATO and Finland

Today the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) is celebrating its anniversary: it was founded in Washington DC on April 4, 1949.

Russia's ultimatums to NATO and to the US: Putin wanted a Europe subservient to Moscow
The Putin regime continues its campaign of terror and now threatens Finland and Sweden

Finland joins NATO

This anniversary also coincides with a new expansion of this organization: Today Finland has officially joined the Atlantic Alliance, an adhesion that has been ratified with the raising of the Finnish flag in front of the NATO headquarters in Brussels, a moment that includes the photo that heads these lines .

Russia's threats to Finland and Sweden not to join the Alliance

Finland's accession to NATO is a resounding geopolitical failure for Vladimir Putin. Recall that on February 25, 2022, one day after invading Ukraine, the Russian dictator threatened Finland and Sweden with "serious military consequences" if they joined NATO. It was yet another display of the policy of bullying that the Kremlin has been deploying with its neighboring countries, a policy that led it to invade Georgia in 2008 and Ukraine in 2014 (annexation of Crimea) and in 2022.

Russia's threats against those two Nordic countries were followed by a serious provocation, when Four Russian military planes flew over a Swedish island carrying nuclear weapons on March 2, 2022, just one week after the start of the aforementioned invasion. However, Russia's failure to occupy and subdue Ukraine has ended up nullifying the effectiveness of its threats.

In addition, the Russian aggression against the Ukrainian people changed the anti-NATO opinion of the people of Finland and Sweden, which began to be in favor of accession. The facts are clear: Russia invaded Ukraine, which was not part of NATO, but has not dared to invade smaller countries such as Poland, Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia, with which Russia also has a terrible relationship. relationship, because they are members of NATO. The Atlantic Alliance has proven to be an effective shield against Russian imperialism.

The Kremlin documents that show its failure

In the end, less than three months after the Russian invasion of Ukraine, Finland and Sweden formally applied for NATO membership on May 18, 2022. Sweden's accession is now pending Turkey veto. The accession process of the two Nordic countries is a great geopolitical failure for Putin, a failure that is even more evident if one takes into account what the Kremlin's aspirations were only two years ago. There are two official Kremlin documents (with Russian and English versions) that highlight this failure:

As you will remember, I analyzed those documents in detail on August 15, 2022. These were two ultimatums from Russia to NATO and the US to prevent new accessions to the Atlantic Alliance, but also to leave the European countries that belong to that organization defenseless. If NATO and the US had given in to these threats, Putin would have become the absolute lord of Europe.

Putin has made NATO stronger and more extensive

On the contrary, the arrogance, ambition and fanaticism of the Russian dictator have ended up turning against him. Putin has not only failed to subdue NATO member countries, but now the Alliance doubles the length of its borders with Russia, further isolating the Kremlin in the international arena. To this we must add that instead of appearing defenseless, many NATO member countries -especially Poland- have decided to rearm upon noting the serious threat of Russian imperialism.

In the end, Putin has not achieved any of the goals he set for himself. It has not managed to take over Ukraine and, furthermore, his army is suffering enormous losses in this invasion and is being questioned not only for its failure, but also for also for their crimes against the civilian population. In addition, Russia is suffering its greatest international isolation for a century, and if all of the above is not enough, Putin's attempt to intimidate NATO has only served to amplify it. Looking at all this, it's funny to think that last year some delusionals presented Putin as a geopolitical genius...


Foto: NATO.

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