"He was an unquestionable role model for us," Mateusz Morawiecki says

The precious words of the Prime Minister of Poland about Pope Saint John Paul II

A few days ago, April 2, was the 18th anniversary of the death of Karol Wojtyła, the first Polish Pope in the history of the Catholic Church.

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After these years, Saint John Paul II, after his death, continues to suffer defamation campaigns like the ones he suffered when he was alive. Campaigns that will not succeed in diminishing the many merits of this great man in the eyes of God , who deserves to be called the Pope of Freedom for his decisive role in the fall of communism (perhaps that is why some hate him so much). A few minutes ago I read some beautiful words from Mateusz Morawiecki, Prime Minister of Poland, on Saint John Paul II, published last Sunday. You can read the English translation here:

"Sometimes we are faced with truths for which there are no words." It's been 18 years since that evening, when our Dear and Beloved John Paul II passed away to the Father's House. That evening we prayed in temples, in homes, and even in our thoughts for Him. He was an unquestionable role model for us, the most outstanding figure in our national history, he was support and hope in difficult times. And when he visited our homeland, he gave us Poles courage, he strengthened our hearts. He focused the eyes of the whole world, gave joy, was able to establish contact with both the great of this world and those rejected by others to the margins of social life. "Everyone is a child of God," he said, and he set an example of this with his life. He left mankind a testament not to close the door to God, because this is the only way that leads to salvation, to truth and happiness.

And today we are passing the test of the values he taught us. We pass the exam of humanity and the values that are part of it. We pass the test of carrying the truth, which must oppose falsehoods, slander and insults.

This year, the anniversary of JP II's departure to the House of God coincides with the time of the Easter retreat. This is the time to start something new, to search for the content of life, the meaning of the world, and to rekindle the desire to seek goodness and truth.

So let's return to the road that united us Poles. She also united in this absolutely unique figure - the figure of our Holy Father John Paul II.

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