The Polish Embassy responds to a hoax from that newspaper about Poland

Poland labels a fake news item published by Ok Diario as 'Russian disinformation'

This Monday you could read in Counting Stars an analysis of a hoax published by Ok Diario in relation to Ukraine and Poland.

Ok Diario's fake news about Poland and Ukraine based on Russian intelligence
A Spanish admiral describes the UAVs of the Kremlin as a false flag attack

A news item whose only source is Russian foreign intelligence

The news from OK Diario (can be read here) is titled as follows: "Poland wants to annex three regions of western Ukraine when peace is negotiated." As I already pointed out on Monday, the Polish government has been denying these types of claims made by propaganda since last year. The only source used by Ok Diario to publish that headline is the director of the SVR, Russia's foreign intelligence service, a service that has been using lies and disinformation throughout the invasion of Ukraine, but Ok Diario decided to accept the hoax, omitting the denials of the Polish government.

The Embassy of Poland responds to the false news of Ok Diario

To this day, that digital newspaper continues without rectifying its news. This afternoon, the Polish Embassy in Madrid responded to this hoax by publishing a tweet on the showing a screenshot of the fake news from OK Diario labeled as "disinformation". The Polish Embassy tweet comments as follows: "Narratives about Polish alleged territorial ambitions towards Ukraine are completely false: it is Russian disinformation. We remain dedicated to supporting our Ukrainian brothers and sisters and we will continue to support Ukraine."

Likewise, after four in the afternoon, the Polish Embassy has published a second tweet in which he states: "In its act of unprovoked aggression against Ukraine, Russia infects the global infosphere with false narratives, seeking to undermine the values of the free and democratic world, sow confusion and hatred, destroy peace and destabilize the world order." The tweet includes a video that also shows the fake news from Ok Diario:

The text of the video, which includes at the end the emblem of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Poland, states the following:

"As Russia's unjustifiable aggression against Ukraine continues, unfounded claims about Poland's alleged territorial ambitions continue to spread . Meanwhile, Russia illegally violates the territorial integrity of a sovereign state. Poland has experienced the occupation firsthand and will never recognize territorial changes induced by unprovoked and illegal aggression. Do not be fooled."

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