A speech without the slightest self-criticism and with some alarming gestures

Sánchez's revealing body language after his electoral defeat and what it indicates

I promised myself a long time ago that Counting Stars would not fall into certain traps that many Spanish media fall into on a daily basis.

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One of those traps consists of relaying the messages of a ruler uncritically. Very often, those who hold political power use the media to their advantage to fit their unchallenged lies. The socialist Pedro Sánchez has committed this manipulation innumerable times, and today he has done it again in a scandalous intervention before his parliamentary group, a speech that had no other purpose than to silence the internal protests in his party and be applauded by his own at a time when his political capital is already exhausted after his failure in the local and regional elections last Sunday.

I am not going to go into detail and answer everything that Pedro Sánchez has said in an unprecedented display of cynicism, self-importance, self-pity, victimization and demonization of his rivals, in the purest style of a politician whom he dislikes healthy debate in democracy and that up to now he has always acted as a fan of dirty play, cheating and "anything goes". Pedro Sánchez acts like an unscrupulous character whose main concern is remaining in power at any price. I do want to encourage you to review something very revealing, a detail that Sánchez would have managed to hide if, in addition to being a liar, he was a good actor, but he has not succeeded.

The following images are a series of random screenshots from video of 43 minutes of his speech today. Judge for yourself:

What we see here is an angry, overwhelmed, frustrated, tense and angry guy. He came with his speech fully written and he has been reading it while making faces like these. It is a pity that a country like Spain has a president of the government who transmits this image, which is that of a person who takes defeat badly. In fact, seeing a politician make a speech with this countenance only three days after an electoral defeat demonstrates his bad loss.

His speech only serves to reaffirm that idea. As usual, Sánchez has not acknowledged any mistake and has not made the slightest bit of self-criticism. The blame for everything always rests with others. Those who do things wrong are always others.

When a ruler believes he is so perfect that he is incapable of recognizing any defect or error of his own, it is time to be alarmed, because what this way of thinking denotes is a clear inability to assume reality and his own limitations, and that tends to lead to cult of the person and authoritarianism, which is what Sánchez has been displaying as his personal political brand.

We Spaniards already had enough reasons to want to throw Sánchez out of power, and his speech today only shows how dangerous someone like that is at the helm of a country. With Pedro Sánchez, Spain has become in the European country with the highest unemployment and the only one that has not yet managed to recover its GDP before the pandemic. In addition, we have the only government in Europe with communist ministers -a totalitarian ideology that has littered the world with dictatorships and corpses- and which has also had no qualms about agreeing with those who do not condemn terrorist attacks.

It is also the only European government that has ministers who justify attacks against their political rivals, and the only one who has been convicted three times -in as many Constitutional Court rulings- for violating fundamental rights and for illegally closing the Parlament. Sánchez is the worst president that Spain has ever had in a democracy and now, moreover, he shows that he does not know how to lose. And that is a tacit announcement that he is going to deploy the dirtiest campaign we can imagine in the face of the general elections in July. Now we can prepare to see the worst of the left in action.

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