“It is the ideology that has mistreated women the most,” Carla Toscano says

The brave reflexion of a Spanish woman against the lies of gender ideology

Counting Stars has spent years denouncing gender ideology, an aberrant political doctrine that emerged from the extreme left.

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This Wednesday, Carla Toscano, councilor and former Vox party deputy, has published a Twitter thread that is especially valuable for the clarity of her arguments and for being a woman who denounces this ideology that some promote as if it were the only admissible thought among women, as if the fact of being born female implied subscribing to those theories, something completely absurd. For her interest, I offer you here the text of that Twitter thread.


"Another day that Vox has to suffer defamation and directly hate crime. This time on account of violence against women. The political parties and the media accuse us of supporting "machist terrorism" (sic). The truth here. I open thread.

First of all, I am going to explain -for the umpteenth time- the real meaning of the expressions "machist terrorism" and "denialism", because we already know that language shapes our minds and in that the left is a expert.

Terrorism involves very serious acts of violence to influence political decisions. Violence against women, like all forms of domestic violence, despite its seriousness, does not have that purpose, but it is given that name to create the much-desired social alarm against men.

Denialism consists in denying a universally accepted truth, and sorry, gender theories are just that, mere theories that are also false; but here it is also given that name to criminalize anyone who dissents.

What is the reality? The reality is that gender ideology, and specifically current feminism, is the ideology that has mistreated women the most: it has emptied our identity, despises the gift of motherhood, victimizes us, collectivizes and use denigrating those we disagree with, free our aggressors and unjustly punish our children, parents and siblings.

And as if it were disabled, it gives us privileges -that most of us don't want- in front of men, throwing away the equality for which our ancestors fought.

Vox came to say that the grass is green and to point out these infamies that all the parties without exception have bought. In this arduous path we have demanded equal rights, tougher penalties for the aggressors, reduction of the criminal age, provision of means of effective protection for victims, investigation of the real causes, psychological profiles and criminal concurrences, request for joint custody as the preferred system, and we have denounced the violation of rights such as the presumption of innocence, equality before the law, the in dubio pro reo principle, emergency courts for men, the proliferation of false complaints, parental alienation with impunity, waste in feminist beach bars, and most seriously, the lack of protection for the victims, whether they are women, men or children, because none is worth less.

And it is for defending all this that we are demonized. Because deep down there is no political intention to solve violence against women (and even less against men or children), what matters to them is to maintain the business and the discourse, because both sustain their power. That power is the practical goal; the deepest is destruction. The destruction of what defines us as humans: on the biological level, sexuality, our binary nature, life... on the emotional or spiritual level, love and family.

Women and men can only be defended by understanding and caring for their identity, their essence and the enormous wealth of their differences; respecting their values, their freedom and embracing the greatness of complementarity; claiming the beauty of the gifts that have been given to us.

People in general, and women in particular, are not defended with lies, privileges, quotas and hatred.

I am not defended by those who criminalize me or put a noose around my son's neck for being a man.

I am defended by those who understand that in our hearts there is much more than what this degenerate ideology believes. That there is love, a sense of duty, honor, capacity for sacrifice, yearning for truth and justice. Whoever lets me live my vocation, my gifts and my path in freedom and fullness defends me.

Only Vox fights this battle for the truth. And whoever believes that this defense of human nature, of our rights and of what is fair makes us dangerous, is that they have not understood anything."


My applause to Carla for these courageous and accurate reflections, which represent the way of thinking of many women.


Photo: Vox.

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