A fanaticism that is being imposed even against freedom of thought

From abortion to gender ideology: the anti-scientific nonsense of the left wing

One of the grossest lies in history is the one that identifies the left wing with scientific thinking, intellectual rigor, and the love of knowledge.

Scientific arguments against abortion
The persecution of scientists in communism: a fanatical repression that ended in a catastrophe

Experience shows us that the left has made enormous efforts to trample the truth in all spheres and, therefore, single out and persecute those who try to discover or defend it from the scientific ground. The persecution of scientists by communism is just a small sample of the criminal extremes that hatred of science on the left has reached, but it is not the only example, nor is it the most recent.

Undoubtedly, the clearest expression of contempt on the left for scientific thought can be seen in the promotion of the crime of abortion, in which the left wing has resorted to all possible lies, even the most ridiculous, to try to dehumanize and even reify the victims of this monstrosity. This process has included not only the misrepresentation of abortion itself, but also the systematic harassment of health personnel who refuse to collaborate in these inhumane practices, establishing blacklists and other mechanisms to violate their fundamental right to conscientious objection.

The left exhibits a fanaticism typical of a religious sect when it comes to placing its ideological dogmas above scientific thought. The intolerance and atrocities launched by the left against measures such as the use of ultrasound scans or the fetal heartbeat protocol, as we are now seeing in Spain in front of a reasonable proposal by Vox, are attitudes fueled by absolute contempt for what science teaches about the beginning of human life, and that go to the extreme of trying to replace that scientific truth with grossly anti-scientific ideological slogans, such as those who affirm that an unborn son or daughter are not human beings - as if women conceived animals of another species - or even are not even living beings.

It is astonishing that in 2023, when science has amply demonstrated the humanity of life from the very moment of conception, to see that the left wing insist on a magical and anti-scientific thought that capriciously places the beginning of human life in such or which week, or even in childbirth, not because there is a scientist who has asserted such a thing, but because the left is interested in it being so and has no qualms about denying scientific evidence if it contradicts their ideological maxims. The thing does not end there: in some countries, the left wing is no longer satisfied with imposing its anti-scientific lies on this issue, but also intends to prohibit the defense of scientific truth in this matter. question, qualifying the defense of human life from its beginnings as "machismo" or "fascism". It is a purely totalitarian attitude with a troglodyte base.

This trampling of the left against scientific thought is also being observed in the promotion of gender ideology, an anti-scientific doctrine that seeks to deny biology in relation to sexuality, affirming that sex is a subjective category and that is not determined by genetics, but one chooses it at will. The nonsense that is being said from the left for the sake of that ideology is a complete anthology of nonsense.

Obviously, each one is very free to make a fool of himself intellectually speaking. There are even people who still believe that the Earth is flat. The problem is that the left wing not only believes that it is always right, but also believes it has the right to impose its opinion on the rest of society, led by an ideological supremacism that terribly reminds us that not even today we are free to lose our liberties to bigotry.

Faced with this fanaticism and its eagerness to erode our democracy, those who defend scientific truth must shake off all complexes. The ones who should be ashamed of spouting anti-scientific nonsense are the fanatic leftists who place their absurd opinions not only above science, but also above freedom of thought, which is the fertile soil on which the scientific thought sinks its roots, because it is difficult for anyone to defend the scientific method where some fanatics try to criminalize the truth because it is uncomfortable for them. It's about time we stopped shutting up in front of those fanatics.


Photo: Christian Bowen / Unsplash.

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  1. Agusbou2015

    I don’t want to put pronouns to my bio or signature because they’re a nonsense from gender ideology.

  2. Agusbou2015

    I remember criticizing the replacement of the term «pregnant women» with «pregnant people» in several wikiHow articles. I criticized the use of the latter nonsensical term from this site, but the administrators laughed in my face.

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